New Apocalyptic Terrain Kickstarter From Bantam Alley

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bantam alley terrain

Let take a look at some terrain our friends over at Bantam Alley has to offer us in a post-apocalyptic world of hordes and tetanus!

This is post-apocalyptic city 28-32mm scale look great and there is something for everyone from an entire table to a few bits for your next diorama.

You can bet that this terrain is high-qualityBantam Alley has a great video over on their Kickstarter page showing us all how they craft each piece in this set with painstaking detail to make the best product for your apocalyptic needs.

Bantam Urban Scrap Piles

These bases will have your Necromunda Gang on point for your next game. Your Ork Boys will feel right at home ready to spread there deadly Wwaaaagh across the galaxy! Realistically any model you can think of would not disappoint on these beautifully detailed bases From Bantam Alley.

bantam Alley Bases

If you already have a table set up we know that there are at least a few choice pieces of terrain in this set that will take you battlefield to the next level.

This barricade wall looks like it has seen better days in a time long forgotten the Kickstarter is chaulked full of cool one of a kind pieces just like this one! Bantam berricade

You can also score this highly detailed six section,4’x 6′ game table the detail on this thing is incredible and would be the talk of your gaming club. So many options come to mind for so many different game systems as you dive deeper into the many options of this great new Kickstarter from Bantam alley!Bantam Game Board

This Kickstarter is definitely worth taking a look at form our friends over at Bantam Alley. Go over and see for yourself, and take the demise of humanity to a new high with these fantastic Apocalyptic options!

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