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Whew, that was a busy Monday. If you blinked and missed all the crazy news on Forgebane rules and pricing, Necron and T’au Codex reveals, plus the 40k primarch rumors this post will catch you up!

First off the new Knight rules previews and pricing on the Forgebane box set itself:

Forgebane: GW New Releases & Pricing CONFIRMED!

games workshop forgebane box

Come see the new Games Workshop product releases for Forgebane and Black Library that are on the way for this week’s pre-orders, with confirmed pricing.

Knight Armiger Warglaive Rules Revealed by GW

Games Workshop just previewed more of the upcoming Forgebane release. Check out the new Armiger Warglaive rules and Stratagem that were just revealed by GW.

Then we have some more on the Primarch rumors from a few weeks back:

RUMORS: 4 New 40k Primarch Miniatures & More

space wolves walpaper wulfen hor

Come see the latest rumors of four upcoming primarchs, and campaign expansion releases for Warhammer 40,000. From the looks of it, there may be a busy hobby road ahead of us.

Comprehensive Breakdown of New Tau Codex Rules

Tau Sept wal hor

Are you ready for more info on the Stratagems, Warlord Traits, relics, and point costs for the Tau? Then come check out this comprehensive rules breakdown!

Full Necron Codex Book Video SPOTTED

necron lord wal hor

A video showing everything inside the covers of the upcoming Necron codex has just been spotted. Come take a look at what may be the new rules for Necron in 8th edition.

So there it is! Make sure you go back and check out all the things you may have missed over the weekend as well!

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