March 24th GW Releases: FIRST LOOK

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gw mall store horIt is official, the Necrons are on the way, come check out the new Codex and all the Necron accessories that make up Games Workshop’s new release lineup for this week. 

Necrons are back with a vengeance. Let’s see what the what Games Workshop has in store for this awesome faction!

Games Workshop:

The Great Awakening Collection:

The Great Awakening Necrons

Triarch Collection:

Triarch Collection Necrons

Codex: Necrons Collector’s Edition:

Necron Collectors Codex

Codex: Necrons:

Necron Codex

Datacards: Necrons

Necron Datacards

Necron Dynasty Battalion Detachment:

Dynasty Battalion

Start Collecting! Necrons:

2018 Necrons Start Collecting

Canoptek Wraiths:

Canoptek Wraiths

Tomb Blades:

Tomb Blades

That’s it for this week’s pre-release roundup, head over to Games Workshop for this awesome new Codex and other great deals for the new Necrons. Be sure to check back in with us Sunday for the full description and prices of these new products.

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