New Patrol Vehicle From Slave 2 Gaming!

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ARMy Truck

Come check out this awesome 28MM Hawkei Light Protected Mobility Vehicle from the creators at Slave 2 Gaming. Locked and loaded!

These New Trucks from Slave 2 Gaming would make a great Transport for Military themed Space Marine Army or a plethora of other projects. Let’s take a look at this awesome Transport!


Hawkei LAV

The Hawkei PMV is a light 4 x 4 protected mobility vehicle originally designed to meet an Australian Defence Force (ADF) requirement for a light armoured patrol vehicle to replace some of its Land Rover Perentie variants. The Hawkei is a highly mobile, highly protected, 7-tonne vehicle, with in-built systems to allow it to be used as a fighting platform, it has been developed with Vehicle Electronic Architecture to be mission system ready

ARMy TruckThe new Hawkei PMV is in stock and ready to ship now for all you Hobbimanics to add to your tabletop collection. This new kit will definitely add a twist to your game and make your army rise above the rest. Let us know what you think of the Hawkei Pmv from Slave 2 Gaming. Do you plan on adding one to your army? We would love to hear your thoughts.

For more info and other products visit Slave 2 Gaming!

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