Snappy Shooter: Star Wars X-Wing

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Captain Jostero is a snappy shooter, and we have made it so that he will shoot twice before asking questions! To the Khiraxz fighters!

Captain Jostero is blasting back into X-Wing with his patented ability to attack multiple times in a round. This Khiraxz Fighter is going to be a pain to face on the tabletop for your opponents! His ability will come in handy once we add some upgrades to him. Being able to attack an enemy ship that suffers damage while not defending, so from bombs or other effects besides attacks, can start a rapid-fire chain of damage!

Let’s start Jostero off with Snap Shot. This elite upgrade can allow him to make an attack after an enemy ship executes a maneuver. Its range is limited to 1 and 2 attack dice, but Jostero’s thing is being able to attack out of the Combat Phase, so keep those hits coming!

Vectored Thrusters is a great upgrade to give to Jostero that can help him line up his attacks more precisely. Being able to barrel roll your firing arc into prime target areas will help Jostero to really shine and get his ability off.

One amazing upgrade that can really get Jostero’s money’s worth is Harpoon Missiles. This 4 dice attack missile not only can result in some big damage from its initial attack but can also result in more damage coming through with its Condition. Harpooned can trigger a damage on other ships near the Harpooned ship, which can result in Jostero performing his attack. The Harpooned ship can also suffer damage from removing the Condition card, resulting in a Jostero attack. Add insult to injury with this dirty Khiraxz Fighter!

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