Another GW Rumor Engine Revealed?

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kill teamWe recently got a look at a teaser video for Kill Team and it looks like it might contain the answer to last week’s GW Rumor Engine. Come take a look at the latest.

Games Workshop gave us a teaser video of the new Kill Team a couple weeks ago, and in addition to a look at some of the new rules, it looks like we’re also getting a look at what could possibly be last week’s Rumor Engine.

First, let’s take a look at the video where we get a look at a hatch at 0:53 in the video.

Did you get a good look at it? Let’s blow it up a little.

Kill Team Rumor Engine

Now, when compared to last weeks Batten Down the Hatches Rumor Engine image (rotated 90° clockwise) we start seeing the similarities.


There is a lot in common between the terrain hatch in the video and the GW Rumor Engine. The hinges look to be a match, as well as the wheel to open it, and they both have a sunk down in appearance. but perhaps the telltale sign of a slight recess in the hatch at the now 2 o’clock position is unviewable in the video.

This could just be coincidental, but there were just too many things for it to not spark our curiosity.

What do you all think? Are we seeing another Rumor Engine revealed? Are they the same hatch? Drop us a line in the comments below and let us know!

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