Control & Magnetize Your Horde with Squad Marks

By Tim Roberts | July 31st, 2020 | Categories: Basing, Game & Hobby Products, Gaming Gear, Hobby Products


Come check out a new way to tell your units apart, and magnetize them, in the chaos that is a battlefield with this new wargaming product!

The many battlefields of war can become chaotic if you have a lot of infantry. Sometimes it’s not always easy to tell which trooper belongs to which unit. Well, Squad Marks seeks to eliminate that problem and bring clarity to the fog of war with their new base accessories!



Squad Marks is discrete accessory for helping identify your squads on the battlefield! They easily clip on to any beveled base depending on the size and can just as easily be removed in between battles. The two small tabs can be used for a variety of marks from numerals to colors. Each representing a different roll, squad, or even certain traits and powers.

Each Squad mark also includes a matching adhesive magnetic disk that allows the squad mark to hold your models to any magnetic surface.

Squad Marks Cover Img

Squad Set_25-32mm: $9.00

Squad Marks_25-32mm

Comes with 10 Squad Marks and 10 Magnetic disks

Squad Set_40mm: $8.00

Squad Marks_40mm

Comes with 5 Squad Marks and 10 Magnetic disks

60mm Squad Mark Set: $9.00

Squad Marks_40mm.13062

Creates 3 x 60mm sets. Comes with 9x 25mm Squad Marks with magnetic stickers and 3 x 60mm adaptors

These new Squad Marks should be just the thing you need to easily and quickly determine who is who and increase the speed of which you identify units. Which in turn increases the speed in which you roll dice. Let us know what you think of these new Squad Marks. Drop us a line in the comments below and make sure you head over to Squad Marks for some of their combo deals!

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