Daughters of The Burning Rose, Now Fully Funded

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A new army of gothic medieval warrior woman is fully funded and ready to roll by Anvil Industry. Let’s take a look at these cool new minis that are coming to life from Kickstarter.

The Daughters of the Burning Rose Kickstarter has almost doubled its funding goal with the help of over 350 backers. Let’s take a look at what this hot new army has to offer!

Join the Crusade

The Daughters of the Burning Rose is a new force of gothic medieval themed warriors, suitable for use in a range of different wargaming settings and game systems.

We have already done a lot of design and development work. We are bringing the project to Kickstarter because we have ideas for some really amazing models which are only possible with your support.

DOTBR Character

Pledge £40 or more



Join the Crusade!

See project for full details, including delivery date and shipping costs, which will be charged after the campaign ends.


  • Any figures you choose, up to your pledge value.
  • FREE Kickstarter Exclusive Inquisitor
SHIPS TOAnywhere in the world
156 backers
These are great highly detailed minis and would make a great addition to your tabletop arsenal. for a starter pledge of about $57, you get not one but two option for your army and the pledge levels get better from there.
Make sure you head over to the Daughters of the Burning Rose Kickstarter today and secure your minis. Let us know what you think of this new Kickstarter.
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