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Idoneth Deepkin

Come find out about the creation of the Idoneth Deepkin and what caused this race to flee to the sea! Let’s take a look at this extremely secluded race!

The Idoneth Deepkin didn’t choose a life at sea but they have adapted an conquered their realm and now have earned their rightful place in the world of Age of Sigmar. Let’s find out more about this secretive race of elves!

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During the last days of the World-that-wasSlaanesh glutted himself on countless aelven souls. The last he consumed were those who worshipped Mathlann, for they had hidden themselves well from his sight.

During the Age of Myth, the new aelven gods TyrionTeclis and Malerion, aided by Morathi‘s knowledge, captured Slaanesh and began to extract the half-devoured souls from his stomach. The children of Mathlann emerged first, then Teclis claimed their souls as his own and remade them as the Cythai- the Awakened. Teclis wished to make the Cythai the greatest of the aelven races, the most noble and pure of their kind. In Hysh, he built a great city for them and taught them powerful magic. Yet something was amiss, for his creations grew fractious and withdrawn, becoming resentful to his tutelage. Teclis gazed into their souls and instead of light he found a shadow that even he could not penetrate. Weaving great spells, Teclis shone a bright light of truth upon the Cythai to reveal their secrets. Some collapsed into madness, the rest – fearful for their lives – fled to the sea.


They named themselves Idoneth (a name meaning “extreme seclusion”) and hid deep beneath the oceans, protected by arcane spells and far from the temptation of the realms, then they began to form new civilizations. Yet the Idoneth had suspected their souls were contaminated. When the first aelf children were born the curse was realised: barely one in every hundred newborn aelves survived past infancy. Those with the spirit-sight could see their progeny were born with swiftly withering souls; as a consequence their lives were cut tragically short. The Idoneth desperately sought a cure as their race declined and, in time, they found one. By capturing the soul essence of another creature, they could sustain the lives of these Namarti, if only for a short while. Those among the Idoneth born with souls – the Isharann and Akhelian – looked at their kin and wept. The survival of their race depended on the souls of others.



The nations of the Idoneth are utterly isolated, hidden at the darkest depths of the larget oceans of the Mortal Realms. Connected by underwater Realmgates called whirlways, the Idoneth are able to support each other in times of dire need and launch raids across the realms.

The first city of the Idoneth was named Gealrachi, and was hidden beneath the waves of the Gealus Ocean in Hysh. Yet the Idoneth were ever a fractious race and the discovery of the whirlways saw them split into enclaves and disperse across the realms to lead their own isolationist existences. The noblest of the Idoneth were called Ionrach and they travelled to Ghyran, where they established the city of Príom beneath the Maithnar Sea, while the aggressive and impetuous Fuethán found themselves drawn to the boiling seas of Aqshy. The most unusual city of the Idoneth is Galanaur, the capital of the Nautilar Enclave. Built on the back of a great sea monster called Great Scaphodon, the city has travelled from the Maithnar Sea and currently resides in the Atleus Ocean in Ghur.

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The enclaves of the Idoneth are split into three castes:

  • Namarti: the most numerous part of the Idoneth Deepkin.
  • Akhelian: the martial caste.
  • Isharann: the masters of magic.

Each enclave has a ruling council made up of Isharann and Akhelian. Between them they decide the path their enclave will follow, be it aggressive expansion, total isolationism or somewhere in between. It is a harmonious relationship for the most part with no overall ruler because the Isharann know they cannot claim new souls without the Akhelian caste leading their raids. In return, the Akhelians know they can’t do much with their captured souls without the arcane knowledge of the Isharann.

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