Fast & Easy Beginners Guide to Painting Lenses

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painting lenses

Fine details, such as lenses, help make models pop and stand out above the rest. Take a look at this easy way to paint small lenses with a brush and just a couple of paints.

This tutorial is fast, easy to understand, and gets your lenses ready to go in a short period of time. Take a look at how to do it using just a few paints by P3 and Secret Weapon Miniatures. Be sure to check out the entire tutorial by pressing play on the video below!

waagh tang clan

Painting the lens starts with P3 Meredius Blue, brushing a few quick coats over the area. Then apply black carefully on the corner, carefully drawing in the hard edge and working it to the center. Glaze in more blue over the line to fuzz out the hard black line. With Arcane Blue by P3, blend into the bottom corner in a mirror to the black. Glaze a little more of the first blue over the top to fuzz the hard edge once again.

painting lense 2

Finally, apply a few drops of white on the Arcane Blue and black. Once the blues and whites are complete, cut the silvers back in on the crosshairs of the lens, making the entire effect pop. Using Secret Weapon Blue and Green washes, pin wash carefully around the crosshairs. This mimics shadowing from the crosshairs and helps to contrast everything. You can even use the washes to feather in a glaze between the black and blues, bringing a little more subtle shadow into the lens.

painting lenses 3

The biggest key to getting this lens readable is to keep all the paint smooth. Otherwise, this effect goes quickly and can easily be done to make any lense look fantastic. That is the quick and easy way of getting lenses to look fantastic. This can be done with any color and on any vehicle surface.

Be sure to check out the entire tutorial and process by pressing play on the video below!

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