GW’s April 28th Releases: First Look

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gw mall store horWe have a ton of great new stuff from GW this week. From Deepkin to Blood Bowl to Necromunda there is something for everyone! Let’s take a look.

The folks at Games Workshop have new releases for just about everyone this week. Check out this overflowing line-up:

This Week’s Idoneth Deepkin Pre-orders:

Idoneth Week 4 Bundle

Isharann Soulrender:

Isharann Soulrender

Isharann Soulscryers:

Isharann Soulscryer

Isharann Tidecaster:

Isharann Tidecaster

Namarti Corps:

Namarti Corps

Royal Council:Idoneth Royal Council

House Van Saar Collection:

Van Saar Collection

Necromunda: Gang War 3

Gang War Three

Van Saar Gang:

Van Saar Gang

Van Saar Gang Dice:

Van Saar Dice

Van Saar Gang Cards:

Van Saar Cards

Necromunda Blank Fighter Cards:

Necromunda Blank Cards

Chaos Chosen Team Collection:

Chaos Chosen Team Collection

The Doom Lords:

Doomlords Chaos Team


Blood Bowl Chaos Chosen Dice:

Chaos Chosen Dice

Blood Bowl Team Card Pack – Chaos Chosen:

Chaos Chosen Cards

Blood Bowl Team Card Pack – Skaven:

Skaven Cards

Blood Bowl Star Players Card Pack:

Star Player Cards

Spike! The Fantasy Football Journal – Issue 1:

Spike Magazine Issue One

Blood Bowl Underworld Denizens Dice:

Underworld Denizens Dice

Blood Bowl Chaos Renegades Dice:

Chaos Renegades Dice

That’s it for this week’s pre-release roundup, be sure to check back in with us Sunday for the full description and prices of these new products.

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