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We present to you a Kickstarter of epic proportions. Come take a look at Armoured Digital now fully funded and ready to roll!

Today let’s check out Armoured Digital, a tabletop miniatures game were the Tank rains supreme and the future of war doesn’t include humans! Unmanned Drones traverse the battlefield hunting for their next target in a world where tanks are being manufactured as fast as they are destroyed.

The struggle for supremacy is real in the futuristic war zone.

Armoured Digital Minis

The future of war… doesn’t include us.

Armoured Digital is set in a high-tech post-apocalyptic future, where the AI that we relied upon to perform all our labour became our deadly enemies. Over time, the war ground down to a stalemate, both sides shattered. Humanity’s greatest weapons in that war, the Digipaths, found themselves without commanders. Where once they took orders, now they are giving them. And of course, like all people throughout human history, not everyone agrees on what needs to be done.

Armoured Digital 2 Player Starter: $63 Digipath Pledge

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Armoured Digital is a miniatures-based skirmish game where each player controls a army of drone tanks. It features:

  • Resin 15mm scale Miniatures
  • Quick to learn and intuitive rules system
  • Card-based Gameplay (all the rules are easy to find)
  • Incredibly flexible force building system
  • Very quick set-up and play. Programmed orders
  • The ability to build new units during the game

Game Designer Chris Reynolds talks Armoured Digital with Aushammer (starts at 45:00)

Build Units

Building new units

Unique to Armoured Digital is the ability to replace your losses during the game. Your mobile factory can spit out any unit, as long as you have a production blueprint for them.

Building new units also gives you a range of new strategic options:

  • Change your toolset. If the enemy is beating you, produce the right tank to hard counter their attackers.
  • Change your tactics. Start with one unit type and then switch to another mid-game.
  • Don’t leave your collection on the shelf. Bring all your minis to the game, and rotate them onto the battlefield as you need them.
  • Bad matchups don’t last. If you’ve arrived at a tourney and have all the wrong units, just select the best production specs from your collection and start fixing the situation.
  • Control the resources. If your enemy is building too many, you can take control of the mine, destroy their transports or even their factory!

This is an amazing one of a kind game concept. Make sure you check out the Armoured Digital Kickstarter today and see what pledge level is right for you. Also, Let us know what you think of this awesome Kickstarter. Drop us a line in the comments below!

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