New Broken Bone Plates Make Great Basing Material

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Bone Pile

Green Stuff World has just released their newest addition to the world of hobby come check out these hot new Broken Bone Plates that make great basing material.

Green Stuff World keeps coming up with awesome new inventive ways to up your hobby game. These new Broken Bone Plates will take your bases and dioramas to new heights with little effort lets check out this new product available from these hobby wizards!

Broken Bones Plates – Crunch Times!: 12,00 €

broken bones plates crunch timesbroken bones plates crunch times 2

Broken Bones Plates – Crunch Times!

Quality resin plates with high level of details. You can divide them into smaller pieces to decorate your bases or leave them as a whole to cover bigger surfaces.

Give your scenery an esoteric touch with these original skeleton plates!

Each set includes 2 plates in size 70x140mm with which you can practically decorate 1 whole army.

These awesome new Broken Bone Plates as of this post are 20% off from 15,00 €., so make sure you secure your copy soon while this deal last. Your bases and dioramas will look great with little effort with this hot new product from Green Stuff World!

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