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More great novels are incoming including the latest in the Primarch series! Let’s take a look at some of the upcoming releases from Black Library for July 2018.

We have a list of some great novels on the way from Black Library. Let’s take a look at what we can expect for July on the lore side of things!

 Vulkan: Lord of Drakes:

We start our roundup with a brand new Primarchs limited edition, focusing on the master of the Salamanders Legion. Vulkan: Lord of Drakes by David Annandale returns to the Legion’s beginnings – and very nearly an ending. It is the height of the Great Crusade and the unnamed XVIII Legion faces annihilation in battle against an ork invasion. And on far-off Nocturne, the rest of their brothers have been reunited with their long-lost primarch. But can Vulkan raise a force quickly enough – and bring them together well enough – to save those of his bloodline trapped in battle?

Jaghatai Khan: Warhawk of Chogoris:

Also available in July is another Primarchs novel, getting its hardback, eBook and MP3 audiobook release. Chris Wraight’s Jaghatai Khan: Warhawk of Chogoris is another Great Crusade-set saga, with the Khan of Khans forced to choose between his loyalty to the Imperium and his intrinsic beliefs when the Librarius project comes to fruition and psychic warriors are rolled out to the Space Marine Legions.


That’s everything from the 31st Millennium in July, but fast forward ten thousand years, and there’s a lot to keep you occupied – including the second volume in John French’s Horusian Wars series. Incarnation continues the story of Inquisitor Covenant from Resurrection, as he strives to stop a plot by a radical Horusian faction in the Inquisition, who believe they can create a new Imperial Saint – one with the power to control the forces of Chaos, as Horus once did. If they succeed, a second Heresy will be inevitable…

Mephiston: Revenant Crusade:

Another series gets its sophomore release too, as Mephiston: Revenant Crusade is released. Written by Darius Hinks, this thrusts the Chief Librarian of the Blood Angels into the deadliest situation he has ever faced, as ghosts from his past and a blinding of his psychic abilities lead him to the world of Morsus, where death awaits.


There’s more from the sons of Sanguinius as well, in Hunger, a new Flesh Tearers audio drama by Andy Smillie. Aboard the confines of an ancient space hulk, the Flesh Tearers engage in a brutal struggle against a horde of alien genestealers – and their own nature. Can Gabriel Seth manage to stave off the Black Rage long enough to survive?


A classic Warhammer 40,000 trilogy will also be returning to print, as Matthew Farrer’s Enforcer series is released in a new paperback edition. Comprising the novels CrossfireLegacy and Blind, this trilogy follows Shira Calpurnia, an Adeptus Arbites officer newly assigned to the Imperial Navy hub-world of Hydraphur, and the mysterious and dangerous cases she encounters as she upholds Imperial law.

Ulrika the Vampire:

Another classic trilogy will also be arriving as a paperback omnibus for the very first time, this one from the world-that-was. The latest volume in the Warhammer Chronicles range, Ulrika the Vampire collects three novels by Nathan Long – BloodbornBloodforged and Bloodsworn – that follow the eponymous vampire as she adjusts to her new unlife. These novels are spin-offs from the wildly popular Gotrek and Felix series and show the underbelly of the Empire and the war between vampire bloodlines that rages in the darkness.

The Silver Shard:

Finally, there’s a new tale from the Age of Sigmar coming, written by Nick Horth and continuing the story of the witch hunter Hanniver Toll and his comrade Armand Callis, a story that had its origins in City of Secrets. The new novel – The Silver Shard – sees the pair hunt their nemesis as he closes in on a lost city that could give him the power to tear the Realm of Beasts apart.

This July Looks to be a great time to immerse yourself in the world of Warhammer lore with these great titles. Let us know which one you are the most excited to get your hands on. Drop us a line in the comments below!

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