Pre-Orders Available For The Ever-Lasting Wet Palette

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Everlasting Paint Pallete

The Everlasting Paint Palette Is now available for pre-order. Come see why you need this new product from Red Grass Games!

If you missed the Kickstarter for the Everlasting Paint Palette don’t worry it is back and ready to preorder from Red Grass Games Lets take a look at this awesome product praised by miniature painters across the globe.

Why do I need one

Painting Zombies, orks, robots and all kind of monsters from a nightmare can be a lot of fun ! To paint miniatures, you need a Wet Palette to keep your paint moisturised. Today there is no straight forward solution on the market. That’s why we created Everlasting Wet Palette, with best in class hydration system and easy to use and to carry airtight case.

It’s actually so good that it is approved by Pro Painters all around the world With Everlasting Wet Palette, you will save your acrylic paintsave your time and be able to master painting techniques like a pro. Stand back, relax and focus on what’s important: enjoying your painting sessions.

Painter Pre Order Pack: 35,00

Everlasting Paint Pallete

Palette Spread

Painter 15cm x 20 cm (5,9″ x 7,9″)
Easy to store and carry
For small to medium working space

Free shipping for US, Canada and Western E.U for orders above 30 Euros.

Content :

1 Everlasting wet palette painter size + 1 strap band + 2 foams + 1 Wavy + 50 hydration paper sheets + 50 exclusive pre-order hydration paper sheets

PreOrder – Delivery starting April 2018

Studio XL 20cm x 30 cm (7,9″ x 11,8″)
Extra large for Pros and Enthusiasts
Medium to large working space

Free shipping for US, Canada and Western E.U for orders above 30 Euros.

Content : 1 Everlasting wet palette Studio XL + 1 strap band + 2 XL foams + 1 Wavy + 50 XL hydration paper sheets + 50 exclusive pre-order XL hydration paper sheets

This hobby product is a must-have for your beats lab aka hobby desk to keep your cost of miniature paints as low as possible. Make sure you secure the Everlasting Paint Palette for yourself today!


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