Tidal Wave of New Idoneth Deepkin Rules Teasers

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Idoneth DeepkinDon’t miss this tidal wave of new rules teasers for the Idoneth Deepkin featuring their Command Traits, Artifacts, Powers, and Abilities for these merciless raiders from the sea!

Thanks to Miniwargaming, we have a better idea of how the Idoneth Deepkin will performing on the battlefield. There is a great deal of agreement that this battletome is solid and opponents are going to have to work hard when facing the Deepkin. Let’s jump right in an take a look!

What is covered below is all new information. If you want to catch up on our latest coverage of the Deepkin, click here!

The Idoneth Deepkin allies are: Darkling Coven, Daughters of Khaine, Eldritch Council, Order Serpentis, Scourge Privateers, Shadowblades, Stormcast Eternals, Sylvaneth, and Wanderers.

Command Traits

  • Unstoppable Fury: add 2 to the attack characteristics of the weapons used by the General when the High Tide ability is in effect.
  • Born of Agony: Increase the General’s wound characteristics by 2.
  • You can re-roll run/charge rolls for the General.
  • You can re-roll wound rolls of 1  for the General.
  • Nightmare Legacy: subtract -1 from the bravery characteristic of enemy units that are within 12” of the General.
  • Lord of Storm and Sea: add +2 to the bravery characteristic of all friendly Idoneth Deepkin units that are wholly within 12” of the General.

Idoneth Deepkin


  • Sanguine Pearl (Akhelians): roll a dice you allocate a wound or mortal wound to the bearer if it was caused by a melee weapon. on a 5+, the wound is negated.
  • An Idoneth artifact allows you to negate a wound or mortal wound on a roll of 6+.
  • Cloud of Midnight (Idoneth): Once per battle, at the start of any the bearer can release the cloud of Midnight. When this happens, the bearer cannot be the target of any attacks, spells, or abilities for the rest of the phase. In addition, the bearer cannot attack, use spells, nor abilities for the rest of the phase.

Lore of the Deep

  • Sea of Tides: casting value of 5. If successful, pick a friendly hero that is not a monster and is within 6″ of the caster and is visible. Remove that model from the field and set it up within 24″ of its previous location and more than 9″ away from enemy models. This counts as the model being moved.
  • Abyssal Darkness: casting value of 5, If successful, until your next hero phase, friendly Idoneth Deepkin units are treated as being in cover as long as they are wholly within 9″ of the caster.
  • Vorpal Maelstrom: casting value of 6. if successful, pick a visible point within 18″ of the caster and roll a die for each unit within 3″ of that point. If the die roll is equal to or greater than the number of models in the unit, that unit suffers D3 mortal wounds.

Idoneth Deepkin Art Cover art

  • Pressure of the Deep: casting value of 7. If successful, pick a visible enemy model within 12″ of the caster and roll a die. If the die roll is greater than its wound characteristics, the model is slain.
  • Tide of Fear: casting value of 6. If successful, pick a visible enemy unit within 12″ of the caster. Until your next Hero phase, that unit suffers -1 to hit and -1 to their bravery.
  • Arcane Corrosion: casting value of 6. If successful, pick the closest enemy unit within 48″ of the caster. Measure the distance between the caster and this unit. If the distance is up to 12″, the target suffers a mortal wound. If more than 12″ and up to 24″, 2 mortal wounds. If more than 24″ and up to 36″, 3 mortal wounds. If more than 36″ and up to 48″, 4 mortal wounds.

Isharann Rituals

Isharann heroes from the Idoneth Deepkin army can perform a maximum of one ritual in your Hero phase. The Isharann hero performing the ritual must be more than 9″ away from enemy models and the ritual must be declared at the start of your Hero phase. Roll 2D6 and add +1 if the hero is within 1″ of a Gloomtide Shipwreck. Add a further +1 if they are a priest. In addition, add +1 for each additional friendly Isharann hero within 3″ of the model performing the ritual. Add +2 instead if within 3″ of the priest. On a 10+, the ritual is successful. If failed, nothing happens.

  • Ritual of Erosion: Until your next Hero phase, enemy units do not receive the benefits of being in cover.
  • Ritual of Rousing: Heal 1 wound allocated to each friendly Eidolon on the battlefield. In addition, you can re-roll failed hit and casting rolls for friendly Eidolons until your next Hero phase.
  • Ritual of the Tempest: Until your next Hero phase, enemy units cannot fly.

AoS Deepkin Art

Here were our Top 8 new rules from GW’s live Twitch Stream Preview

Editor’s Note: Due to the fast speaking and accent of Mr. Martin there may be a couple words that were misunderstood.

1- Akhelian King

Greatsword has 6 attacks, 3+ To Hit/Wound, -1 Rend, and does D3 damage.
His Falcon is going to have 3 attacks with a 3+ To Hit and a 4+ To Wound.

2- Aspect of the Sea (Wizard)

Idoneth Deepkin Eidolon

The Aspect of the Sea has a shooting attack with a 15″ range, D3 shots, 3+ To Hit/Wound, -2 Rend, and does 2 Damage.
His Trident is going to be 3 Attacks, 3+ To Hit/Wound, -2 Rend, doing 2 Damage.
The Sceptor will be 3+ To Hit/Wound, -1 Rend, and 1 Damage.
His Storm Shoal, which is his cloak, gets 2D6 Attacks 4+ To Hit/Wound, and does 1 Damage.
One of his abilities is Dormant Energy. If you don’t cast or dispel an enemy you can heal D3 wounds.
We also got a preview of a couple spells the Aspect of the Sea will have access to.
Tsunami of Terror: Casting value of 7. If successful you’ll pick D6 enemy units within 12″ and subtract 1 from their Hit rolls and Bravery.
Sea Mists: Casting value of 6. If successful pick any unit within 12″. If that unit is a friendly Idoneth Deepkin unit you can heal it D3 wounds. If the chosen unit is an enemy unit you will instead inflict D3 wounds.
Warp of Maelstrom: Casting value of 6. If successful pick a point within 18″. Roll a dice for each unit within 3″ of that point, and if it’s less or equal to the number of models in that unit it takes D3 mortal wounds.
One Artifact Les shared with us was the Arcane Pearl, which gives the model a 5+ Mortal Wound save.

3- Tide Caster

Riptide: Pick an enemy unit. Until next hero phase that unit must subtract 1 from all Hit rolls.
Arcane Corrosion: Casting value of 6.  If successful, measure to the closest enemy unit. If it’s 0″-12″ they suffer 1 mortal wound, 12″-24″ suffer 2 mortal wounds, 24″-36″ suffer 3 mortal wounds, and 36″-48″ suffer 4 mortal wounds.

4- Soulscryer

Idoneth Deepkin Lotann

The Soulscryer’s missile attack has an 18″ range, 8 shots, and a 5+ To Hit/Wound.
He also has another attack that’s going to be 3 attacks, 3+ To Hit, 4+ To Wound, and does 1 Damage.
The Seeker of Souls ability lets you pick an enemy unit in the Charge phase that is within 24″. All Idoneth Deepkin will add 3 to their Charge rolls against that unit.
The Soulscryer also has another ability, we couldn’t get the name, but it lets you set up the Soulscryer and up to two Idoneth Deepkin units off the table during Deployment. These models can be set up on the table in Movement phase no closer than 9″ of an enemy unit and within 9″ of the table edge.
Ishlaen heroes can cast rituals.
To cast a ritual you’ll roll 2D6 and on 10+ you get to choose the ritual you want. The first one makes it so your enemy doesn’t receive a cover save. You can heal wounds on Eidolon of Mathlann. Or, you can stop enemy units who Fy.
You’ll also get +1 bonuses to your rituals roll if the model is a priest, near a Shipwreck, or in range if in range of an Ishlaen Heroe. Giving you a possibility of a +3 bonus to your roll.

Sweeping Blows: If the unit you attacking has Wound characteristic of 1 you’ll add 1 to the attack characteristic, but if the unit has wound characteristic of 4 or more add 1 to the damage characteristic.

5- Reavers

The Reavers are going to have 2 shooting attacks:
The first one has an 18″ range, 1 Attack, and a 4+ To Hit/Wound
The second attack has a 9″ range, 31 Attack, and a 4+ To Hit/Wound

6- Akhelian Guard

The Akhelian Guard will have a 14″ Move, 4+ Save, 4 Wounds, and it will also have the Fly keyword.
Their swords are going to have 3 Attacks, 3+ To Hit/Wound, and inflict 1 Damage.
You’ll also be able to attack with the Eel’s Fangs with 1 Attack, 3+ To Hit/Wound, and D3 Damage.
The Eel’s Tail gets D3 attacks, 3+ To Hit/Wound, and D3 Damage.
Biovaultic Barrier is a great ability that gives the Akhelian Guard a  4+ Save that ignores Rends, and on a turn they Charged you add 1 to armor save, giving them a 3+ Save that ignores Rend.

7- Leviadon

Idoneth Deepkin

The Leviadon is going to be pretty beefy and fast with 16 Wounds, a 3+ Save, and a 12″ Move.
Its Crushing Jaws is 1 attack, 2+ To Hit/Wound, -2 Rend, does D6 Damage, and for Hit rolls of 6, it does 6 Mortal Wounds.
The Leviadon’s Fins are going to be 4 attacks, 3+ To Hit/Wound, -1 Rend, and 3 Damage.
The guys riding on top with spears will attack with a 3+ To Hit/Wound, no Rend, doing 2 Damage.
Lastly, the Harpoons are going to have 4 Attacks, 3+ To Hit/Wound, no Rend, and 1 Damage.
The Void Drone ability is going to make it so that any Idoneth Deepkin units that are wholly within 12″ of the Leviathan are treated as if they are in cover.

8- Shipwreck

You’ll get to place two Etheric Vortexes. They will be set up at the start of the battle, and the Shipwreck can be split in two, or you can place two whole ships. Any Idoneth Deepkin that is wholly within 6″ is affected by Guardians of the Deep rule giving them a 6+ mortal wound save in addition to normal save.
Etheric Sea makes it so that any enemy unit within 3″ of the Shipwreck takes a mortal wound on a 4+, but on a 6+ they’ll take D3 mortal wounds.

So from everything we heard during the Warhammer TV stream with Les Martin the Idoneth Deepkin look like they’re going to have some really hard hitters, as well as a lot of different bonuses to the army.

There are your rules for the Idoneth Deepkin. Their Battletome is set to drop on April 21st. What do you think of the rules so far? Are you looking to field a Deepkin army? Do feel this battletome is well-rounded or lacking? Let us know in the comments!

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