Gardsman Marbo Takes on the Dark Angels: Battle Report

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Who’s your Emperor now? Guardsman Marbo takes on Primaris Dark Angels, with backup from a Marauder Destroyer and an Imperial Guard Brigade.

The Wobbly Modelers are back in the beats lab, bringing in the heat with Imperial Guard and Dark Angels. This game is for ATC prep, using mission two with table quarters deployment. This mission has three objectives, one in the center and one in each deployment zone.

There are quite a bit secondaries that each general will be choosing throughout the game, so take a look at the video to see the rundown on all the options. Austin wins the roll to go first.


Austin heads the Imperial Guard, bringing Sly Marbo out to play. Backing up Guardsman Marbo is a brigaide, commanded by company commanders, six units of infantry with lascannons, a few astropaths, three autocannons, two squads of mortars, and Sentinals. As well, a Supreme Command with three tanks, two punishers, an avenger strike fighter, and a marauder.

ig vs dark angels

Kinder has the Dark Angels, being led by Azrael. Backing up Azrael is a Lieutenant and Primaris Ancient with banner, 10 hellblasters, three aggressors, scouts, Dark Shroud, Redemptor, two Dark Talons, and a Repulsor.

Turn one, Austin heads directly to the Dark Angels, aiming to take down the scouts. Mortars start the onslaught with three scouts dying. The Aggressors are shot down but are able to fire back and do some damage to the before they fall. The Marauder aims for the Redemptor Dreadnought, doing two damage at them. The Avenger does five damage to the Dark Shroud.

da vs ig

Kinder sends the Hellblasters out of the tank, but otherwise doesn’t move much. One Dark Talon is able to do nine wounds on a tank. The Hurricane Bolters take down several guards. The Repulsor aims at a Punisher, and though it hits on many weapons it does not do damage. The Hellblasters are able to take down the flyer with their -4AP plasma.

With progressive scoring, the end of turn one sees both generals tied in points 3 to 3, not counting secondaries.

Be sure to press play on the video below to see how the rest of the game plays out and if Sly Marbo gets to beat up some Dark Angels!

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