Harlequin New Releases & Prices CONFIRMED

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The newest Games Workshop pre-orders have been spotted with pricing. Come see latest confirmed product releases for the Harlequins and Black Library that are on the way!

Multiple retailers have confirmed the new pre-orders and prices. Let’s take a look at what’s coming up from pre-order this weekend.

Codex Harlequins: $35.00

HQ codex new

Harlequins Datacards: $15.00

harlequin datacards

Aeldari Webway Gate: $40.00

webway gate

The War Of Vengeance: $21.00

war of vengeance

Vaults Of Terra: The Carrion Throne: $16.00

carrion throne

The Last Hunt: $16.00

last hunt

So we are seeing some lightning speed Harlequins and a webway gate this week for the Aeldari. In addition, three new Black Library releases are coming our way for all of the lore fans out there.

Make sure you check back in with us later this week for the description of all of these new items and links to where you can pre-order yours.


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