Harlequins: New Warlord Traits, Enigmas, & Psychics

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Harlequins are getting even more rules teasers today with a look at their new warlord traits, enigmas, and psychic powers for 8th Edition.

Warhammer Community is back at it again with even more Harlequin hype so let’s jump right in.

Warlord Traits

HQ trait 1

A reskinned version of Grey Knight’s First to the Fray warlord trait. Only better. With Harlequins being a much more mobile and assault-capable army, this trait is some brutal icing on the cake.

HQ trait 2

A pseudo-Tau pure tide engram Neurochip, you’ll want to roll 1’s, 2’s, and 3’s to get those command points.

HQ trait 3

Hey, look! The harlequins get even more mobility. This is huge as it lets the character get A LOT closer to where he needs to be in a short amount of time.

Enigmas of the Black library

Harlequins get relics too and they’re actually very scary.

HQ relic 1

Shadowseers have access to a staff that wounds on 2s and 3s comfortably and doing D3 damage a pop in combat.

HQ relic 2

Being a T5 transport is rough going against a shooting army like Imperial Guard or Dark Angels. This can help make sure your guys get up the board faster and safer before the transport gets blown off the table.

HQ relic 3

Why not give your warlord a modified auto cannon pistol with -3 AP on 6s?

Psychic Powers

harlequin model

The codex is coming with 6 psychic powers exclusive to the Harlequins.  Here’s a snapshot of just a few.

HQ power 1

Since Harlequins arent the tankiest units in the game, you can give them more survivability with Veil of Tears.

HQ power 2

These guys keep getting more and more slippery. Being -1 to hit and have a 6+ feel no pain all from psychic powers is a little bit of a wombo combo.

Index to Codex Update

HQ codex update

Shadowseers will know two psychic powers from the Phantasmancy discipline instead of just 1+smite. A nice buff since they will be like Librarians with jump packs.

That’s just the beginning, check out all the points changes, and more rules teasers from the codex itself.

Harlequins are looking stronger day by day. What other psychic powers would you like to see the Harlequins get? What Relic is going to be your first pick? Let us know in the comments over on Facebook.

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