New Anti Riot Ogres From Maxmini

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Anti Riot Ogres

Come check out the new Anti Riot Ogres from Max Mini that come in three poses to add some versatility to your Imperial Guard army.

Today we are going to be looking at the newest sculpts from the creative minds at Maxmini with their Anti Riot Ogres. Let’s dive in and see if this product is for you.

Anti Riot Ogres (3): 28.00€

This kit contains 3 multipart models. Can be assembed with mauls or with launchers. Cast in high quality resin.

Anti-Riot Ogre squad contains parts to assemble 3 miniatures. The parts allow to assemble either grenade launchers or power maul variants. Plastic bases supplied. Designed for 28mm ‘heroic’ miniatures games, cast in high quality resin.

Multi Option Ogres

It is really great to see that Maxmini has provided extra arms to this multi-part kit to give you the option of running this unit the way you want too. What do you think of the Anti Riot Ogres from Maxmini?

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