Wyrd Games Monday Mystery Monkey

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Wyrd Preview 5 21 18

Let’s take a look at the Wyrd Game’s Monday mystery monkey and try to figure out the purpose of this antagonizing ape together.

The Secret Society of Wyrd Games has been feeding us mysterious images for weeks now. This week they present us with this pulverizing primate that looks like a science experiment gone right!

Wyrd Preview 5 21 18

You wouldn’t want to tangle with this red ape! Some mad scientist has created the perfect close combat fighter. With brass knuckles on both his hands and his hand like feet, he is a sight to behold. You wouldn’t stand a chance throwing fisty cuffs with this primate. Whatever this preview is it is B.A. for sure.

Make sure you head over to the Wyrd Forums and see what other like-minded people are say ing about this Mysterious preview!

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