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Wondering how your army will work in the new Age of Sigmar? We put all the latest faction news with our honest expert commentary for AoS 2.0 into one spot.

Warhammer Community finally gave us all the details for factions moving into AoS 2.0

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We’ve gotten all the details we are going to get from GW for AoS 2.0 until the actual release of the edition, Let’s take a look back at all the factions rules changes out there.

AoS 2.0 Core Rulebook Highlights & More

stormcast on dracoth sigmar vandus wal hor

This morning we will be taking a closer look at the new Core Rulebook for AoS 2.0. These topics will only be highlights of what’s to come.

Aelves & Deepkin Rules Previews: AoS 2.0

Idoneth Deepkin aelves

Aelves of the realms and Idoneth Deepkin got their rules previews from GW over the weekend. Time to take a look at what these armies are getting in AoS 2.0.

Gutbusters will be Busting Guts in AoS 2.0


Gutbusters are getting the spotlight today for the new edition of Age of Sigmar. What will these brutes be getting? Let’s take a look!

AoS 2.0 Generals Handbook & Tabletop Accessories

fantasy walpaper1 khorne sigmar chaos warrior

2018’s Generals Handbook is coming out along with new accessories for the game. We will be taking a look at what the book will contain and what new mechanics are coming to the table for AoS 2.0.

Beastclaw Raiders Rules Stomp into AoS 2.0


Beastclaw Raiders are stomping in on today’s latest rules teaser from Games Workshop. Time to take a look at what they’ll be getting in AoS 2.0.

GW Teases Rules of The Realms For AoS 2.0

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In Aos 2.0, there will be realms to play on that will have different rules and effects game-wide. Let’s dive into the realms that they just GW teased!

GW Reveals New Seraphon Rules For AoS 2.0

seraphon wal

It’s the Seraphon turn for some love, as GW revealed new rules teasers today for how they will fight and cast spells in Age of Simar 2.0

AoS 2.0 Rules Teasers: Skaven, Flesh-Eater Courts & Shooting

skaven verminlord hor wal

Warhammer Community has given us a plate-full of information this holiday with teasers for Skaven, Flesh-Eater Courts, and new shooting rules. Now can get a better idea of how AoS 2.0 will pan out.

5 Top Changes to Magic For AoS 2nd Edition

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Malign Sorcery is coming to Age of Sigmar and this magic supplement will have an effect on your army. Don’t miss the top 5 changes that are coming to AoS Second Edition!

Blades of Khorne & Command Points in AoS 2.0

khorne aos sigmar hor wal

Blades of Khorne will be getting another reboot in the coming Age of Sigmar 2.0 so get those axes and skull-collecting bags ready.

GW Teases 3 New AoS Faction & Measuring Rules

grot wal

We’ve got a lot to talk about today. With 3 factions rules being teased by GW, and the new measuring rules for AoS 2.0, this will be chock full of good stuff.

Art of Free Summoning in Age of Sigmar 2.0

slan wal

It’s just been announced that players can summon for free in the coming Age of Sigmar 2.0. But you can’t just do it willy-nilly. You’ll have to prove yourself worthy.

New Artifacts Coming For Age of Sigmar 2.0

sigmar wal

Age of Sigmar 2.0 is bringing tons of artifacts to the table to represent the realms where they come from and give new effects to the game.

Free Summoning & New Nagash Rules for AoS

nagash wal

Legions of Nagash are getting some love, and it looks like summoning overall may be free in Age of Sigmar now. Come see the new rules for AoS!

New AoS Changes for Khaine, Tzeentch & More

daughters of khaine

More changes are here for Age of Sigmar, as the spotlight is on the Daughters of Khaine, Disciples of Tzeentch and how to protect your characters in the new edition.

Fyreslayers Faction Focus: Age of Sigmar 2.0

fyreslayer wal

Prepare to see half-naked redheads running through your ranks with big axes and even bigger beards. Fyreslayers faction focus Age of Sigmar 2.0 is here!

Changes To Turn Priority: Age of Sigmar 2.0

lord celestant sigmar wal hor

Turn priority is changing in Age of Sigmar 2.0 second edition, but the dreaded double turn is still here to stay. Checkout the latest and how it will work along with spell interaction now.

Comparing the New Warscrolls: Age of Sigmar 2.0

stormcast on dracoth sigmar vandus wal hor

AoS: Nighthaunt Models & New Warscroll Format

age of sigmar video black coach nighthaunts

Games Workshop has just released the ghostly details of the Nighthaunt faction with some of its new units and the warscroll format from Age of Sigmar 2.0

Malign Sorcery Rules & Minis Box Set REVEALED

Age of Sigmar 2.0’s new Malign Sorcery box set been revealed, and we’re seeing all the spell rules and miniatures that are coming for the new edition.

GW Teases New Free Peoples & Beastmen Rules

fantasy walpaper 1

GW just gave us rules teasers on the Free Peoples, the former Empire faction, and the wily Chaos Beastmen for the new edition of Age of Sigmar.

GW Teases Rules For Kharadrons & Purple Sun!

purple sun

AoS is heating up as Purple Sun is back! Plus GW previews Kharadron Overlords in today’s latest rules teasers for Age of Sigmar.

Age of Sigmar: New Sylvaneth Rules Preview

sylvaneth wal

Sylvaneth are next in line for Age of Sigmars 2.0 rules preview. Let’s take a look at what these spirits of the forest will get in the new edition.

Age of Sigmar Updates Magic Casting & Unbinding

pink-horror hor daemon chaos

Age of Sigmar 2.0 is on the way in June and it looks like Magic will get a tweak! Come see the updated casting and unbinding phase of the game that may just be for the better.

GW Teases New Slaves to Darkness, & Ironjawz Rules

ironjawz wal hor

GW teased a ton of new Age of Sigmar 2.0 rules for both the Slaves to Darkness and Ironjaws factions. Don’t miss these updates.

9 Biggest Changes To Age of Sigmar So Far

stormcast on dracoth sigmar vandus wal hor

Which of these new rules teasers will affect your gameplay? We break down the 9 big changes to Age of Sigmar 2.0, rules-wise that have been previewed up to now from Games Workshop.

There you have it, folks. Everything we’ve covered since they’ve been releasing the previews on day 1. Now the question stands. What will you bring to the table in AoS 2.0? Are you going to start a new faction? Who are you going to ally with? Let us know in the comments on our Facebook Hobby Group.

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