New Battle Kiwi Kits From Imperial Terrain

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New Battle Kiwi HDF terrain kits are here from Imperial Terrain to set up your Star Wars Legion tabletop games in style.

The team at Imperial Terrain has inked out a deal with Battle Kiwi and now have a ton of new terrain in stock. Come and take a look at a few of these new goodies!

Shield Generator: $48

Shield Generator


Protect your greatest weapon! 

This thing looks amazing on the tabletop! Coming in at a little over 40cm high, it’s an impressive feature piece for any sci-fi based game (we recommend serving with a good helping of Legion!). The base of the tower is 13cm, for some good LOS blocking during game play. The top section of the shield dish is removable allowing for further table set up options. The top is also fully interchangeable with the Laser Turret top.

Interior is hollow which allows for simple and effective lighting through the cut-outs, just add some LED lights!

Comes prepainted in grey as shown. Made from laser cut 3mm MDF, Acrylic and Greyboard detail parts. Requires assembly.

The Bunker: $40

Just blaster your way in…

The bunker features working opening Blast Shield doors and a removable roof with playable interior. The rear reinforced window can also be removed to allow for a hasty back exit and future expansion…

This tabletop terrain measures in at around 21cm square and just over 8cm high. The rooftop surround is high enough to provide cover in games such as Infinity.
Perfect for any futuristic games, but even better for Legion!

Includes 3 movable computer consoles, that make for great game objectives.

Comes prepainted in grey as shown. Made from laser cut 3mm MDF + 2mm Greyboard exterior details. Requires assembly.

Landing Platform: $75

Explore the Galaxy, just borrow a shuttle for a while… 

Towering over the battlefield, the landing platform area sits at 35cm off the table (48cm to top of lights). Though a large building on the tabletop, this height allows for easy access and play beneath it, so it doesn’t get in the way of easy movement. Doors at the foot of each tower represent turbolift access – allowing for the landing platform deck to come into play during your epic game sessions!

The towers and platforms can be separated (horizontally and vertically) for multiple modular layout options to keep your tabletop battles fresh and exciting! The lights and guardrails can also be removed for easier storage or authentic ‘no rails’ style Along with the main structure the kit includes 6 stairways for when using platform in ‘low mode’ and two Plasma Power Toppers, that can be sued on tower legs, or as there own terrain pieces.

Comes prepainted in grey as shown. Made from laser cut 3mm MDF + Acrylic parts. Requires assembly.

These are just a few of the new kits for Star Wars Legion in stock and ready to ship out to you from Imperial Terrain. Make sure you visit their website to see the full lineup.

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