X-Wing: T-65 Expansion Pre-Order & Preview

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x-wing 2.0 expansion

A symbol of the rebellion, the X-wing T-65 expansion just went up for pre-order, and we’re getting a new rules preview. Come see the latest for the new edition!

Fantasy Flight Games dropped the details for the new expansion pack of X-wing second edition.

T-65 X-Wing $19.99

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x wing expansion

Veteran players can bring their existing T-65 X-wings and other ships from the first edition into X-Wing Second Edition with the ship tokens, cards, and maneuver dials included in the Conversion Kits available at launch. New players, on the other hand, can grow their collection with the six ship expansions launching alongside the T-65 X-wing Expansion Pack and the Core Set. All of the ship and upgrade cards contained in the T-65 X-wing Expansion Pack will also be present in the Rebel Alliance Conversion Kit.

This expansion pack includes updated data cards, tokens, and movable dials. Veteran players can also still use their T-65 from the older edition to play as well.

xwing expansion

If you don’t have a T-65 ordered yet, it may be a good idea too. There’s a huge selection of named pilots to choose from. Wedge Antilles is one that always shoots first. Unless there’s someone that’s being helped by the power of the force of course.

The T-65 X-wing is a staple ship to the Rebellion and it got a lot more devastating in the second edition of X-Wing. Getting an entire pack of support cards to go with it and having 4 hull points, this thing is no joke to mess with.

When Can I Get Mine?

xwing t65

The T-65 expansion pack is going to be launching along with Star Wars X-Wing second edition. It’s all scheduled to drop on September 13, 2018. Preorder your copy through your local retailer or online.

If you missed our last post about what the T-65 will look like in the second edition, we’ve got it all here for you.

Fantasy Flight Games just gave us some clear previews as to just how maneuverable the T-65 X-wing and TIE X-1s will be in the coming update.

T-65 Maneuverability

star wars xwing Maneuverability chart

This guy obviously got some buffs. Comparing the maneuver chart from 1st to 2nd edition, the T-65 has some very solid tweaks. Starting off with the 2-speed banking maneuver which is now blue means that you can use this move to remove stress from the ship.

The T-65 also gains the ability to use a 3-speed Tallon roll. But wait, there’s more! T-65s gained the barrel roll in its action bar. Turning on a dime and getting out of dodge has never been easier. Players shouldn’t have any problems causing a headache for their opponent when they bring the wily new X-wing to the table.

TIE Advanced X-1 Maneuverability

star wars xwing TIE

The imperial side has the TIE advanced X-1 to go toe to toe (or blaster to blaster) against the T-65. The X-1 also has the ability to use a banking maneuver to remove stress as well as making 3-speed Tallon rolls. But what makes the TIE advanced X-1 unique is the ability to slow down just a little bit with the 1-speed forward maneuver. Pilots can pull back on the throttle to wait for a ship to cross his line of sight before making a shot.

TIE Advanced X-1s should abuse this incredibly powerful perk as the opponent will have a harder time anticipating where the TIE advanced X-1 will end after movement.

Planning ahead

star wars xwing barrel roll

In Star Wars X-wing 2nd edition, the turn begins with the player secretly selecting moves on their ships action dial. However, after a ship moves, it can use an action shown on its action bar. This is a new rework of the 1st editions game mechanic of giving seasoned pilots the ability to maneuver ahead of other ships thanks to their higher sense of awareness.

One more important thing to note is that ships now come with hash marks printed on their bases. players use this when deciding where to place the ship after doing a barrel. Players can place their ship slightly forward or backward after the maneuver to squeeze out a little bit more of a movement. Nothing game breaking but definitely helpful!

star wars xwing

Lastly, the ships now have a bullseye icon on the center of their base. Whenever an enemy ship crosses the line into your “bullseye” arc. The player can release a devastating shot to cripple the ship.

Depending on the ability of the unit, the player can choose to reroll an attack die, change a hit result to a critical, or even spend a charge to cancel the enemy’s evade result. Remember to be smart and plan ahead!

Do you think the T-65 will be a big player in the second edition? Have you already pre-ordered yours? What do you think will be able to go toe-to-toe with it? Let us know in the comments on our Facebook Hobby Group.

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