Age of Sigmar Wave 3 Release Lineup & Prices Confirmed

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Get ready for a whole lot more Sigmar to hit the shelves, as we have the lineup and pricing on what’s coming to the tabletop as well as new Black Library!

AoS has been under the spotlight for quite some time. Now that the new version has been released for a few weeks, wave 3 has hit with more kits appearing next week!

Multiple retailers have confirmed the prices for the upcoming releases.

Age of Sigmar Wave 3 Release Lineup & Prices Confirmed

Dreadblade Harrows $25


Reikenor the Grimhaiuler $40


Kurdoss Valentian $45


This sinister figure is an embittered Nighthaunt spirit with a particular hatred for enemy Heroes – on the tabletop, he’s able to steal command points and smash apart his lessers with his mace. Kurdoss is an ideal commander for your Nighthaunt army and a great companion for Lady Olynder – or just a nifty ally for your Legions of Nagash army.

Astreia Solbright $40


Celestar Ballista $25


Evocators $50


Nighthaunt Paint Set $35


AoS Paint & Tool Set $40


Stormcast Eternal Paint Set $35


Getting started with Warhammer Age of Sigmar is about to get even easier, too, thanks to a new, specially designed range of kits for beginners, from paint sets to boxes like Tempest of Souls and Storm Strike that teach you how to play. You can learn more about these in our full preview.

Tempest of Souls Core Game $80




Getting Started With Age of Sigmar $8

GettingStartedWithAoSMagGoreblade Warband $85


Thunderstrike Brotherhood $85


Enforcer (PB) $21


Primarchs: Jaghatai Khan(HB) $19.00

khan book

Castellan (PB) $16

castellan book

Sons of the Hydra (PB) $16

sons of the hydraGW has been putting the pedal to the metal in terms of new releases. Since AoS 2,0 dropped, they’ve been spewing out new merchandise nearly non-stop.

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