Corrupt Those Enemy Fighters: Star Wars Armada

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The best way to bomb enemy ships is to get through their fighter screen. Use Corrupter and break away to those juicy Rebel targets!

Corrupt Those Enemy Fighters: Star Wars Armada

Corrupt Those Enemy Fighters: Star Wars Armada

The humble Victory Star Destroyer will be the focus of this build today. This solid medium ship is the workhorse of the Imperial fleet, able to be a gunboat or an effective carrier. At 73 points, it has enough raw stats to keep it in the fight and added upgrades make it more suited for its desired role. This Victory-I will focus on carrier based tactics to reach the Rebel ships at a distance.Corrupter

Corrupter is a 5 point title for the Victory that allows your activated squadrons with Bomber to increase their speed by 1 until the end of its activation. This can help your Bombers reach out and touch those elusive Rebel ships. It can also make your speed 5 TIE Bombers a serious threat at long distance.Admiral Chiraneau

The advent of Intel has made it a mandatory option for your Bombers if you would like to bomb ships. Otherwise 1 enemy squadron can lock down your Bomber formation. This brings about its own problems as your Intel squadron will be a huge target for the Rebels. With Admiral Chiraneau on board, this won’t be a problem. With Chiraneau, you squadrons can move even if they are engaged. When they move in this way, treat it as having a speed of 2. This works with Corrupter to give your engaged Bombers the ability to move up to distance 3 away from enemy fighters. Expanded Hangar Bay

Now that we have the maneuvers, we need the numbers. Expanded Hangar Bays make the Victory even better by being able to throw 4 Bombers around. These Bombers can all benefit from Corrupter and Chiraneau to have an unstoppable Bomber swarm!Flight Controllers

Let’s take the carrier aspect even further by adding Flight Controllers. This gives each of your squadrons that you activate an extra blue die when they are attacking squadrons. It may not look like much, but it helps to fight off squadrons if you somehow do get locked down.

TIE Bomber Squadron

The Victory will be able to consistently throw 3 red dice at enemies, but that will not be enough. With 4 Bombers however, your attack pool becomes 3 red and 4 black. These Bombers can give that little extra punch that the Victory needs to run down Rebel ships. With Chiraneu and Corrupter, your Bombers will have an even longer reach. Crush those Rebels!

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