Did They Bring Enough Fusion? Harlequins VS. Guard Battle Report

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The Imperium of Man is under attack by the tricky Harlequins…but did they bring enough fusion weaponry to survive the defending Astra Militarum?

Phil from Dark Bunny Creatives joins Juice for a battle of Harlequins vs. Imperium. These two armies are clashing, using the third ATC mission in ITC format. The mission has four objectives on the board and gives bonuses each turn for holding all the objectives. With everything deployed and each army utilizing cover, Phil wins the roll off and forces Juice to go first.

Did They Bring Enough Fusion? Harlequins VS. Guard Battle Report

all the harlequins Did They Bring Enough Fusion? Harlequins VS. Guard Battle Report

Phil is leading the Harlequins into combat, bringing tons of infantry to the table. Six Starweavers are tasked with transporting a five-man Troupe each. Each Troupe is equipped with two swords, three fusion pistols, shuriken pistols, and three caresses. Two units of bikes join the fray, equipped with haywire cannons. Included is a Death Jester, two Troupe Masters with Harlequin Kiss and shuriken pistol, two Shadowseers, and a Solitaire.

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Juice is leading Astra Militarum into the fray, combining them with some fantastic Adeptus Custodes. A Shadowsword brings all the guns and is backed up by three Shield Captains and a Vexilla. Leading the Cadians battalion is Knight Commander Pask, a Company Commander, Platoon Commander, Ogryn Bodyguards with brute shields, and three squads of infantry and three squads of mortars.

On Juice’s turn one, he aims to move forward with catching objectives immediately. He’s able to get off a psychic power to improve the Ogryn invulnerable save. Shooting doesn’t do too much, doing a few wounds but not killing any models.

guard v harlequins

On Phil’s turn one he aims to get up the field to get the fusion pistols in range of everything. In the psychic phase, the Shadowseer causes the Shadowsword to have -1 to hit infantry. She also gives one Starweaver the ability to move a second time. The second Shadowseer gives the Solitaire -1 to hit and she also smites a Custodes bike for 2 mortal wounds. In the shooting phase, the Harlequins are able to kill one bike and wound the others. The Harlequins do not get any charges, but the Custodes do their Stooping Dive and kill a Shadowseer. One unit of mortars ends up dying due to failing a morale check.

Will the Astra Militarum defend the line? Can the Harlequins survive the onslaught of firepower heading their way? Find out by pressing play on the video below!

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