Feisty Scum Duo: Star Wars X-Wing

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concord dawn ace

This scrappy Scum duo is about being fast and in your face! Get ready for super aggressive tactics that even the Empire won’t be able to handle. Concord Dawn Ace Protectorate Starfighter

Let’s get this Scum party started with a pair of Concord Dawn Aces. These PS5 Protectorate Starfighters are eager to prove them selves in battle-space. These guys are great since they’re both able to be equipped with elite upgrades, but let’s get started with titles!Concord Dawn Protector

Both of these ships have the Concord Dawn Protector titles and they’re ready to get in the enemies’ face. When defending, if these Concord Aces are inside an attacker’s firing arc at range 1, and the attacker is in their firing arc, add 1 evade result to their defense. This is a perfect way to put the pressure on your enemies with no added risk to your ships. Attanni Mindlink

The Attanni Mindlink is where it’s at for this Scum Duo. This elite upgrade allows each ship equipped with Attanni Mindlink to receive a focus or stress whenever another linked ship receives one. This can open up action potentials for each ship and enable one heck of a torpedo upgrade. Adv. Proton Torpedoes

Advanced Proton Torpedoes is a 6 point torpedo upgrade that works only at range 1,  but that shouldn’t be a problem for these Concord Dawn Aces. This torpedo has an attack of 5 and requires a target lock to be spent. You may change up to 3 of your results to focus results. Since your ships are Mindlinked, a focus token is an easy acquisition to enable APTs to hit extra hard! Guidance Chips

The icing on the cake to make sure that your APT’s hit the enemy where it hurts. Guidance Chips make your munitions well worth it for 0 points, allowing you to change one of your dice results from your APT attack to a crit result, since the Protectorate Starfighter has a primary attack of 3. This 1 shot, 1 kill, bringer of fate will have the enemies of the Concord Dawn Protectors running in fear!

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