How Many Monsters Does It Take To Kill a Knight Titan?

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How Many Monsters Does It Take To Kill a Knight Titan?

Who’s the king of the 40k jungle now? Two Tyranid Gargantuan Creatures take on a trio of Imperial Knights in a pretty epic Codex battle report.

The swarm is hungry. The knights look tasty. Will the Imperial Knights be able to withstand the gnashing jaws of the Tyranids?

Juice and Andreas meet on the field of battle, fighting Tyranids versus Knights. They meet in ATC mission 1, fielding six objectives to seize. Juice is taking Titanslayer, Big Game Hunter, and Old School as his secondaries. Andreas is taking Headhunters, Titanhunter, and Old School for his secondaries. Juice wins the roll to go first by seizing the initiative.

How Many Monsters Does It Take To Kill a Knight Titan?

knights 1 How Many Monsters Does It Take To Kill a Knight Titan?

Andreas is leading the Knights, fielding House Griffith, with the Knights being fielded in a Super Heavy Detachment. This consists of Crusaders, each acting as a character with a Warlord Trait with the stratagem Exalted Courts, but a lone Armiger.

The Mechanicum joins the Knights in a battalion, exclusively to unlock command points. House Griffith allows all Knights and Armigers to Heroically Intervene and have +1 attack during a heroic intervention. One Knight Warlord trait gives +1 invulnerable, the second has +1  attack, and the third gets +2 to advance and charge rolls.


Juice’s Hive Fleet Lexus has a few twists. Kronos is represented as a battalion detachment, fielding 11 Hive Guard, Neurothrope, Malenthrope, and three units of Rippers. As well, a Leviathan Supreme Command detachment with a Malenthrope, two Neurothropes, a Scythed Hierodule, and a Barbed Hierodule in an auxillary detachment.

Juice’s turn one, he is aiming to get some psychic ability shenanigans off. The psychic abilities work, giving the Scythed Hierodule a Feel no Pain and Onslaught. He is able to do damage to the Armiger and take down quite a few of the troops.

The Hive Guard double shoot, taking the Armiger down to two wounds. The Scythed Hierodule takes three damage on overwatch and successfully charges the knight. It does 17 wounds and takes five wounds. The other five-man units run away during morale.

knight v tyranid

Andreas’ turn one aims to move the knights up and take down the Hierodule and Neurothrope. The Hierodule does go down after onslaughts from three different knights and does not explode, and the Barbed Hierodule takes some damage from the Icarus.

Will the Tyranids be able to survive? Will the Knights fend off the hungry Tyranids? Find out by watching the video below!

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