New Palpatine & Royal Guard Expansions for SW Legion

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Imperial Forces are about to get a visit from Corporate as FFG announces new pre-orders for Emporer Palpatine and the Royal Guard.

The Rebel forces aren’t the only ones with Iconic leaders! Fantasy Flight Game has announced that pre-orders for Palpatine and The Royal Guard are live! Let’s dive in.

“From here, you will witness the final destruction of the Alliance and the end of your insignificant rebellion.”
–Emperor Palpatine, Star Wars: Return of the Jedi

New Palpatine & Royal Guard Expansions for SW Legion

Imperial Royal Guards Unit Expansion: $24.95

Get yours for less from Miniature Market

New Palpatine & Royal Guard Expansions for SW Legion

As the ruler of the Galactic Empire, Emperor Palpatine is the ultimate power in the galaxy. Wherever he goes, the Imperial Royal Guard is sure to follow. Inscrutable behind their blood-red masks, the Imperial Royal Guard will face down anyone that dares threaten the Emperor. While little is known about these enigmatic warriors, one thing is certain: their sole directive is to protect the leader of the Galactic Empire, with their lives if necessary.

The Imperial Royal Guards Unit Expansion contains everything you need to add a unit of Emperor Palpatine’s personal bodyguards to your army. The squad of four unpainted, easily assembled miniatures stands ready to protect the Emperor or do his bidding on any planet across the galaxy. The Royal Guard is also accompanied by five distinct upgrade cards that invite you to outfit them with even more tools for protecting the Emperor.

Emperor Palpatine Commander Expansion: $12.95

Get yours for less from Miniature Market

The Galactic Empire encompasses countless star systems, ruling over the galaxy with an iron fist and sitting at its head is Emperor Palpatine. As the ultimate ruler of the Empire, all bow before him, even the fearsome Darth Vader. A brilliant manipulator who almost singlehandedly orchestrated the fall of the Jedi order and his own rise to power, the Emperor makes a perfect addition to Star Wars: Legion as a commander of the Imperial forces.

Within the Emperor Palpatine Commander Expansion you’ll find everything you need to add Emperor Palpatine to your army as a commander—leading the Imperial forces on his own or alongside another Imperial commander such as his apprentice, Darth Vader. A single unpainted, easily assembled miniature depicts a cloaked Emperor Palpatine plotting his next move, while three upgrade cards allow you to tap into his mastery of the Dark Side of the Force. Finally, three new command cards give you more options for determining your battle plans, letting you make use of the Emperor’s abilities as a master strategist.

This could perhaps sway the galactic fight in the favor of the Galactic Empire. Make sure you visit Fantasy Flight Games and secure your expansions today!

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