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verge of war

Come get a glimpse at a new Kickstarter full of amazing miniatures as we take a look at the new Verge of War, over on Kickstarter.

Verge Of War is a new Sci-Fi skirmish style wargame Kickstarter that has some great looking miniatures and gameplay. Let’s take a look and see if this one is for you.

Editor’s Note this is currently in a draft form and not live.


The opening campaign is dedicated to of the first clash of Human forces and Seit, the race of mighty psionics and insidious intriguers, at the edge of human-inhabited space. The forces of the Human fleet conducted a routine raid against pirates in the sector but discovered that they were not alone in the universe.

Verge Of War Core Box for Two Players: $95

Core Box for 2

verge of war

EOW Minis 2

CORE BOX for two players

Two armies of at least 300 pts each.
20 resin miniatures
+ All unlocked stretch goals (maximum 20 miniatures) for free
+ Forces of Humanity Army (1 Squire, 1 Lieutenant, 2 Astroborn infantry squads with “Mule” FWPs)
+ Seit aggression force (1 Seit commander with 2 Command drones, 1 Shork Tribal Warrior, 2 Raptors Hunting packs)
+ 3 army posters
+ Digital art book
+ objective markers
+ Late Pledge access
+ Addons section access
Shipping: First wave (october-november 2018) – 15,0$ (includes all miniatures from the Core box and the Full Force box);
Second wave (march, 2019) – FREE (includes all unlocked stretch goals miniatures).

SHIPS TO Anywhere in the world
This new Kickstarter has a ton of content and pledge levels. Make sure you visit the Verge Of War Kickstarter and see all the options today!
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