Warhammer 40k Kill Team Rules Previews LATEST

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In case you missed it, we’ve got the latest Kill Team faction rules for Ad Mech, Space Marines, and GSC. What will they bring to the table?

Warhammer Community gave us a small preview on how each faction will play in Kill Team. We haven’t seen all of the factions just yet, but stay tuned there’s still a lot to be revealed. All the factions in Kill Team are supposed to be “elite” but each one will play differently.

Warhammer 40k Kill Team Rules LATEST

Let’s look at the three factions so far.

Ad Mech

Skitarii Adeptus Mechanicus Wal Hor Warhammer 40k Kill Team Rules LATEST

Ad Mech Kill Teams are keeping with the rest of the Mechanicum; being extremely good at shooting with high-tech boomsticks. They’ll also get to use Blessings of the Omnissiah in-game. They can either pick or roll on a table to get a bonus to the team for a turn. Players can also take Rangers, Vanguard, Ruststalkers, and Infiltrators in their Kill Team.

ad mech strat KT

scryer skull strat KT

Looking at their stratagems, they can get even better at shooting and scan their terrain to make sure they don’t snag any tripwires. Those are bad for business.

Space Marines

Primaris Space Marines

Right off the bat, one very cool thing about the Space Marine Kill Team is that you have the option to take Scouts and Tactical Marines with Primaris Marines. That’s the first time we’ve seen any kind of affiliation between Primaris and non-Primaris models. Kit your squad out with Scouts, Tacticals, Reivers, and Intercessors.

KT honor the chapter

Instead of the whole squad fighting like in 40k, it’s just one model. But hey, just kit one guy out to be a beatstick in combat.

KT masterful marksmenship

Masterful Marksmanship is a nice cheap helping hand when you really need to take down a certain model.

Genestealer Cult (GSC)

genestealer cult

If you’re a fan of cunning tricks and ploys, you’ll love the Genestealer Cults – whether closing in on the foe at speed with their Cult Ambush rule or drawing on their various underhanded Tactics.

Sadly, you can’t take a Patriarch as part of your Kill Team. But you do get Neophytes, Acolytes, Hybrid Metamorphs, aberrants, and Genestealers.


We don’t know how good GSC shooting is, but this is definitely helpful. Especially if your opponent is trying to inch up the board and stay behind cover.


This is a cheap little tactic to help get a one-up on your opponent. You may just be able to kill that model trying to get froggy with your Neophyte.

Kill Team is looking up to be a solid Skirmisher. We’ve barely scratched the surface of factions that will be in the game. Keep checking back with us to see if they’ve previewed anymore. What do you think about the factions so far?

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