Wars are Won on the Backs of Guard: 40k Atomic GT

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Custodes supported by a regiment of Guardsmen were the spearhead of the Imperium at the 40k Atomic GT. Bikes raced forwards covered by fire from lasguns.

Warzone Atomic Empire was run by East Coast hobby maniacs Horton and Twitchell. At over 50 players the event attracted some stunning armies that we captured for you.

Taking a look at the Imperial Wombo Combo, Custodes supported by Guardsmen messed up some heretics on the tabletop by Joshua Pruitt.

Warzone wal

Custodian Double Trouble

ae custodes 2

If you’ve haven’t the “pleasure” of playing against Custodes yet, the guys on foot feel a little like Grey Knights. They are just better in every single way. The bikes, however, are atrocious. They can zoom up the board and unleash a stupid amount of bolter fire before charging you…IN YOUR CHARGE PHASE.

ae custodes 3

The weakness of Custodes is their points cost. It’s hard to effectively get CP. That’s where the Guard comes in. The player easily fleshed out a battalion so he could have the CP to spend on the Custodes.

ae custodes 4

Even though 8th edition favors horde armies more than anything, Custodes can hold their own. They’re very hard to kill and with the right combo you can punch through just about anything you want.

ae custodes 5

The detailing of the bases really throws the army together. The hoverbikes look like their zooming over debris and broken weapons from the battle that’s raging. Great work in the attention to detail!

Warzone Atomic Empire event may be over but the Warzone Atlanta is coming up soon! Get cracking on your army to have it in tip-top shape for Warzone’s next event. Slap some highlight on those edges and shade those bases. At the end of the day, Warhammer is a hobby as much as it is a game on the tabletop.

Warzone Atlanta will be held on November 9th to 11th so grab your ticket and tidy up your army. We hope to see you there.

warzone atlanta

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