Wyrd Previews The Gencon Nightmare Crew

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Come and take a look at one of the most colorful Wyrd previews ever as Wyrd show us a horse of a different color. Say hello to the Gencon Nightmare Crew.

You might think this ragtag group looks familiar but, you have never seen a more savage and deadly equestrian gang. Let’s see what Wyrd had to say.

Happy Monday Wyrdos!  As you probably know GenCon is coming up soon. It’s less than a month away as a matter of fact.  After winning the Homefront global campaign, Gremlins were getting the next Nightmare box and we are ready to show it off.  Enjoy the Nightmare Ulix crew.  Make sure to head over to our forums to discuss your plans for this years nightmare crew! 

Make sure you visit the Wyrd Forums to see what everyone else has to say about this New Preview and stay right here for more Wyrd News!

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