40k Kill Team Wave 2 Unboxing & Review

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Kill Team Wave 2 Unboxing & Review

Come and see all the wave two expansions for the new 40k Kill Team and see which if any of these new releases are worth your hobby dollars!

The new Kill Team is gaining a lot of traction in the hobby world. With its fast-paced 40k combat action and alternating activations, what is not to like about this new skirmish game.

Today we get a look at all the wave two releases so you can decide if you want to add them to your collection.

Let’s dive in!

40k Kill Team Wave 2 Unboxing & Review


First, out of the gate, we get to see the Killzone: Sector Munitorum This new Environment Expansion This new kit has a ton of terrain, along with some unique cards that you can only get in this expansion. It also has a brand new game board and everything you need to add this environment into your Kill Team collection.


Next up we have The Writhing Shadow Tyranid Starter Set. This box has about a 20% savings off of the retail price of the miniatures inside, so there is some savings to bed had. But, the real value for Tyranid players are all the accessories you need to add your favorite space bugs to the Kill Team game.

Full of all the Tokens and the faction specific cards you need it’s definitely the way to go if you want to play this faction.


Last but not least we tear into the Drop Force Imperator Astra Militarum Starter Set. This new IG starter set is chalked full of Kill Team Scion goodies. Just like the other faction starter releases Rob takes the time to go over all the new Tactics Cards, Mission Cards, and all the other great exclusive Kill Team accessories that you receive when you purchase the $50 starter set.

Make sure you stay in the trenches and work out those hobby muscles, by checking out our full video review of this new Kill Team Expansions below!

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