Hide 3D Printer Lines: HC3D Terrain Showcase

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So many options for terrain, so little time! Take a look at this awesome option for 3D printed terrain that is unique and thematic!

3D Printers are a big part of the hobby these days. Horizon Creation 3D is a great terrain company that has a ton of different types of terrain. Take a look at this quick overview of their terrain and be sure to watch the video below for the full review.

terrain samples

Hide 3D Printer Lines: HC3D Terrain Showcase

The plastic used in the 3D process by Horizon Creation 3D is ABS plastic, meaning itis not heat sensitive… meaning it won’t melt when you accidentally leave it to roast in the car. There are many different options for different pieces of terrain so you can build your game boards as you desire or you can get bundles.


Some of the pieces come on a base plastic, but they do snap apart and clip off easily, so you can set them up as desired. This is useful for the small pieces to keep them together until ready to use. The terrain comes in varying sizes, some towering over a Space Marine and others matching their size. Some of the larger pieces come separate and will require a little extra hobbying.

terrain 3d

The plastic is great quality, though there are still some 3D print lines and some may come with cracks that need to be filled. To set up the terrain to be ready for hobbying, which will get rid of the print lines and cracks, the vapor trick is best to get everything fixed.

This uses acetone, so safety is a huge issue. To set this up, line a metal gallon bucket with paper towels, set up so none of the paper towels will fall on the plastics. Put some large metal washers on the lid, which will hold the piece of plastic you are going to enclose.

Add 1oz of acetone to the bucket, letting the paper towels absorb it. Then, enclose the container onto the lid, letting it seal, and let it sit for about 10 minutes. DO THIS OUTSIDE! Safety first when using chemicals like acetone! If you want to see a video on the process check it out here.

These terrain pieces are pretty awesome. For other neat styles of terrain, be sure to check out Horizon Creation 3D. Also, be sure to check out the entire review by pressing play on the video below!

Terrain sent to us for promotion and review.

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