More Adeptus Titanicus Rules Pics SPOTTED

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More Adeptus Titanicus rules were recently spotted giving us some great insight into the game mechanics themselves. Check out the latest.

Let’s take a look at what the latest pics spotted on imgur have to say about how the game rules will operate.  They look to preview ovement, shooting, combat, etc. So with that, let’s dive in.

Titanicus Movement

titanicus moving

In the movement phase, your Titan is allowed to move at its regular speed which will be on the model’s command terminal. It can only move at its full speed as long as it stays within its front-facing arc. The key trick here is that you’re not allowed to change the facing of the model (even though it’ll be tempting).

You can move the Titan diagonally if you want to, but the facing has to stay the same.

titanicus moving 2

Some Titans are agiler than others. A Titan is allowed to turn a number of times equal to the maneuver characteristic on its command terminal.  a “turn” counts as a single 45-degree pivot. The cool thing about turning is that you can do it before, during, or after movement and use as many pivots as you are allowed to. Just check the Titan’s command terminal because they’re all different.

Sometimes Titans bump into things. Titans can’t move through friendly units are barriers. If they ever touch bases in the movement phase, they collide. The way colliding works is that both Titans take D6 hits with the strength of the hit equal to the scale of the model. You’re already getting shot at by enemy Titans. Try not to bump into your friends and make matters worse.

Titanicus Combat

titanicus combat 1

Going by the picture, it looks like you’ll have to declare all of your attacks on one target. The first step is to pick your target and once you go down the list, it says “Repeat steps two-five for each weapon”. Make sure you think about how you can maximize your damage on the tabletop. It might not always be worth it to devote an entire Titan’s attacks onto an enemy that’s on its last leg.

titanicus combat 2

titanicus combat 3

When it comes to firing, there’s a lot you have to check for. Once you pick your target, you have to measure the distance. If it’s outside the range of your weapons, the attack automatically fails.  (With the way it’s worded, it looks like you can’t pre-measure your ranges.)

After that, you need to make sure the target is within your weapon’s firing arc.

If you are in range and they’re in your firing arc, you need to check for any LOS blocking terrain. If the enemy was smart and tried to stay obscured, you’ll take some penalties.

  • 25% obscured: -1 to hit roll
  • 50% obscured: -2 to hit roll

titanicus combat 4

It looks like there are no wounding rolls in the game like you would see in 40k. Once you hit your target, the enemy has to roll their saves.

titanicus combat 5

Void Shields are going to be extremely powerful while they’re up. It looks like Void Shields make it extremely difficult to lose a Titan turn one. The shield gets weaker and weaker for each save roll you fail, but once the shield collapses, all the other shots you would normally have to roll for are discarded.

Maybe missiles are good for peppering a titan first, then loosening the wrath of the volcano cannons second?

Testing the Armor

titanicus combat 6

titanicus combat 7

Armor rolls are a bit odd. It looks like the player that fired the weapon gets to roll for the armor. To see where your shots landed, you first need to roll the location die. After you found out where your shots hit, roll a D6 for each hit that made it through the enemy’s shields and add the strength of the weapon to it.

You can add bonuses to the roll if you managed to hit the Titan in its side or rear.

Damage Effects

damage effects 1

damage effects 2

After your Titans fail their saves and armor, look at the page here to see what bad thing happens to them. If your titan takes critical damage four times in the same spot, they suffer catastrophic damage and that is NEVER a good thing.

catastrophic damage

Nothing on the catastrophic table is good. For example, a 2-4 will make the Titan stumble in a random direction and fall. Titans are massive and even a falling Warhound can easily crush a Questor-class Knight. Anything that the Knight falls on takes D6 hits with strength equal to its scale.

catastrophic damage 2

Damage Control

damage control

Titans have servitors running around inside the hull. They work to keep the Titan running in the best shape possible. Once you check to see if your reactor overloads, you roll a D6 and pick which repair action you want your Titan to take. Vent your plasma to keep things cool, bring your Void Shields back online, maybe you need one of your weapon systems back.

damage control 2

Because Titans run on that pesky plasma, bad things happen when it gets too hot. Your Titan could take damage from the inside of its core from the plasma overloading itself.

The End Phase

end phase

This is the last phase in the turn where players go back and forth finishing game-effects. We won’t know what those effects will look like until we see the full release of the game.

More Adeptus Titanicus Rules Pics SPOTTED

And there you have it! A first-hand look into the Titanicus rules-set. What do you think about the phases? Do you like the way shooting/damage is done? What Titan are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments of our Facebook Hobby Group.

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