New Legion Forest Bases from Micro Art Studio

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Come and check out the easiest way to take your game of Legion to the forests of Endor with these new forest bases from Micro Art Studio.

Creating custom bases is a lot of work. The creative minds at Micro Art Studio want to help your army look great and get to the game faster with this new line of Star Wars Legion bases.

SWL Desert Forest 70mm Round (1): €6,15

 SWL Forest 70mm

One resin bases, supplied unpainted.

SWL Desert Forest 50mm Round (2): €8,61

SWL Forest 50mm SWL Forest 50mm 2

Set of 2 resin bases, supplied unpainted.

SWL Forest Bases 27mm Round (5): €4,92

SWL Forest 27mm

Set of 5 random selected resin bases, supplied unpainted.

Make your Legion Army stand out on the Tabletop. Head over to Micro Art Studio and secure your Legion bases today!

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