New SW Legion Terrain & Tokens from MAS

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Mas Legion FeartureCome and take a look at some new SW Legion terrain and tokens from Micro Art Studio that would be a great addition to your next Star Wars Legion game.

The creative minds at Micro Art Studio have some great new additions to their Star Wars Legion line up. Let’s take a look.

SWL Cargo Crates: €27,06

Mas Legion Crates


A set of five, unpainted Cargo Crates – dedicated for Star Wars Legion game.

Made of high quality resin.

SWL Laser Towers: €29,52

SWL Laser Tower


A set of two, unpainted Laser Towers – dedicated for Star Wars Legion game.

Made of high quality resin.

SWL Tokens – Starter: €24,60

swl tokens starter


The SWL Tokens – Starter set is dedicated for Star Wars Legion game and consist of 57 pieces. That includes:

8 double sided Order Tokens

6 Aim Tokens

6 Dodge Tokens

6 Standby Tokens

12 Wound Tokens

10 Suppression Tokens

4 Panic Tokens

3 Vehicle Damage Tokens

2 Ion Tokens

Laser-cut tokens are made of high quality 3mm transparent/non-transparent acrylic or double-layered laminate (Order Tokens) in various colours.

All tokens seen here are also sold separately. Make sure you visit Micro Art Studio and see all the Star Wars Legion accessories that they have to offer.

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