Primaris Marines: Could There be Dark Times Ahead?

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Primaris Marines have been out for a while now and they’ve gotten anything but a warm welcome among most Chapters. Why could this be?

Robbie G set the standard for other Legions immediately after what happened during the Horus Heresy. He broke down Legions into Chapters and made it mandatory for everyone to follow a strict code of laws. Some Primarchs were wary but eventually adopted the Codex Astartes.

Primaris Marines: Could There be Dark Times Ahead?

Fast forwarding to 40k, Robbie did the unthinkable and made some brand new soldiers called Primaris Marines. He shoved them into everyone’s faces and made it mandatory to have Primaris Marines in every Chapter as well. Could we be looking at a precursor to dark times ahead?

Dropsite Massacre V2


Remember back in the Horus Heresy when a handful of Legions decided to “execute order 66” and turn on their brothers on Istvaan? The Imperium remembers. That was the turning point of the Heresy. When we saw Legions become openly for Chaos or openly for the Emperor.

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Could we see a Drop Site Massacre v2 in the works? Games Workshop is very clever. It’s no mistake that they made Primaris somewhat “segregated” between normal Astartes both in the lore and on the tabletop.

There are a few Chapters that don’t want anything to do with the Primaris. Gabriel Seth, of the Flesh Tearers, doesn’t even consider them to be real Blood Angels for the fact that they’re immune to the Black Rage.

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Could this “standoff” between Primaris and normal Astartes be a mood-setting that will eventually blossom into an all-out civil war between the two types of Marines? Or could it be something along the lines of Robbie G commanding all of the Primaris that he seeded into all of the Chapters to turn on their brothers? Would he then step up to be the God Emperor Jr.?

This is nothing but a “what if” idea, but it may not be that far fetched. We’ve already seen Robbie G and a few other Primarchs try and make the Imperium Secundus back in the days of Horus Heresy. Granted, their idea behind it was for a good cause.

Either way, we may be looking at an open door Games Workshop can take to advance the 40k timeline, what say ye?

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