Build Your Own Adventure: Rampage Dungeon Kickstarter

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Rampage Dungeon Feature

There is a new Dungeon System Kickstarter that taking Kickstarter by storm! Come and take a look at this Sturdy interlocking dungeon tile system!

There are a lot of Dungeon Tiles on the market but the one problem is that most are prone to players bumping or knocking them around in the middle of the game. Well, the Rampage Dungeon has a system that allows you to build whole rooms and place them on the table seamlessly. Let’s take a look at this fully funded Kickstarter and see if this one is for you!

Rampage Dungeon

Your players will never know what’s around the next corner, because with Rampage Dungeon the DM builds complete hallways and rooms then places them on the table as the characters explore.

Injection molded in the USA ensures the highest quality, and on time delivery.

Rampage Dungeon

Swap walls and floors to create endless combinations and stack multiple levels, with a true 1-inch grid, giving you a real RPG game play experience.

Injection Molded from high strength hard ABS plastic, Rampage Dungeons are strong and easily transported as complete rooms

Architects of Destruction has teamed up with Printable Scenery to bring you Injection Molded ABS High Strength Rampage Dungeon Tiles

The Ghoul Lair Pledge 1 The Ghoul Lair Pledge 2

The Ghoul Lair – Unpainted

Includes the items shown in The Ghoul Lair Pledge, plus its unlocked free stretch goals. Free stretch goals for this pledge come unpainted.

Unpainted sets come in black, to make painting easier.

*Shipping charged after the campaign ends (see Shipping section for full details)

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