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In today’s lore we learn how the Space Wolves fought back against the Thousand Sons to defend their homeworld this time around.

With the Thousand Sons moving into position, the Space Wolves must act fast to cut them off. Learn about the days just before the Battle of the Fang!

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Thanks to their sorcerous powers and influence over the Warp, the Thousand Sons fleet was able to drop out of warpspace far closer to a planetary body than they thought possible. This allowed them to attack the orbital defenses of Fenris almost immediately (in void-war terms).

At much the same time, Magnus the Red launched a tremendous psychic attack from warp space at the astropathic choir of the Fang, slaying them all.


The orbital stage of battle was overwhelmingly one-sided, with Fenris’ orbital gun platforms reduced to 20% strength after less than an hour, and the main defense vessel, the Skraemar, effectively crippled. Jarl Vaer Greyloc, commander of the Twelfth and of the Fang, ordered the other surviving Space Wolf vessels to flee the system and make for Gangava, to ensure an urgent recall of the bulk of the Chapter’s strength.

The Ogmar and the Sleikre both perished in the attempt, but the fast scout ship Nauro (commanded by Haakon Gylfasson) was able to break the blockade and enter the warp… although the defenders of Fenris thought her to have been destroyed, and therefore believed themselves cut off from all aid.

Not long afterwards, the valiant Skraemar was finally destroyed. With her death, the Thousand Sons were able to establish an orbital blockade and begin the laborious process of landing their (mostly mortal) ground forces upon the death world of Fenris.


With the blockade in place, around twelve hours after the death of the Skraemar two specially held-back Thousand Sons naval vessels moved into synchronised orbit over the Fang.

These Planet Scourers were essentially gigantic plasma cannons built into and around a starship, designed with the express purpose of being able to keep up an intense and continuous bombardment of a surface target.

They opened fire on the Fang itself but were unable to penetrate the void shielding that surrounded the Space Wolves’ fortress. The Thousand Sons anticipated this and deployed the ships in an effort to neutralise the Fang’s surface-to-orbit defences, as well as hinder aircraft movement.

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This tactic meant that the Thousand Sons ground forces could land nearly unopposed. The defenders of the Fang reacted fast and were able to scramble several packs of Space Wolves before the bombardment commenced.

These roving groups attempted to interdict and prevent the traitors from landing. Despite some successes, the weight of numbers bore against the Space Wolves and the tactic was quickly given up before unnecessary casualties were taken. After an advance lasting four days, the Fang was besieged.

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The attack on the Fang proper began on the eighth day. Artillery and counter-artillery fire ensued, followed up with demonstrations of psychic powers from both sides. The siege lasted for a short while before the Thousand Sons had knocked out enough of the Fang’s guns to bring up their Gate-Breakers; specially constructed daemon-engines that poured concentrated eldritch firepower upon one of the main entrances to the Fang itself and broke through.

The Spireguard surged forward, but were met at the very threshold by a sally led by Jarl Greyloc, whose Astartes units proved superior to the mortals assaulting them. Eventually however, the Space Wolf forces had to retreat inside their walls (blowing the entrance behind them), pressed as they were by constant artillery barrages and the implacable advance of Rubric Marines.

When they re-entered the Fang, they discovered that, in accordance with Greyloc’s earlier request, a dozen Revered Fallen of the Chapter had awoken… among them, Bjorn the Fell-Handed.

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Find out more about Bjorn and the invasion of Fenris

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