Forge World’s Customer Service: Now a Cruel Joke?

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Forge World has been under some serious scrutiny lately by anyone outside of the UK. Bottom line is no one is happy about the price hike.

Take a look at an email from a regular customer that buys FW models. He was curious about how the “better service” warranted such a price jump.

Forge World’s Customer Service: Now a Cruel Joke?

The customer wishes to remain anonymous. But look at the response from the Forge World team (which we have verified as a standard cut and paste response that has been seen all over Facebook groups as well lately)

Emailing Forge World SupportFW email 1

This is what Forge World had to say.

FW email 2 Forge World's Customer Service: A Cruel Joke?

Clearly, The Forge World team didn’t read the customers’ email as they didn’t answer a single question of his. They simply talked in a circle around the issue that was brought up. Here’s how the customer replied.

FW email 3

After the customer laid it out on the table, this is what Forge World had to say.

fw email 4

At this point, as you can imagine, it seems like Forge World doesn’t care that the people have caught on to their new revenue strategy. They are completely okay with giving concerned customers a “Cut and Paste” answer.

They don’t give any clear reasons as to why the price hike is so astronomical. Rather, they talk in circles around the issue.

gw tm new

Now we’re not saying that everyone at Forge World is “out to get us hobbyists” at all. The person replying on Forge World behalf is just doing their job as they are directed management. And from there middle management is being directed by the folks at the top.

So, what do you think about Forge World’s business model? Have you stopped buying from them? How do you feel about their canned responses to the issue?

Let us know in the comments on our Facebook Hobby Group.

forge world Forge World's Customer Service: A Cruel Joke?

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