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Bee Box Feature

Kickstarter has a way for you to get all your game accessories on lock for any game you own with The Bee Box game organization system.

No task is more daunting than spending 15 minutes of precious game time digging out and sorting came components. If you have this problem then this Kickstarter may be for you.

Take a look at this fully funded game organization system.

Bee Box

The Bee Box is a system of boxes created to organize most tabletop games. This system comes in 4 sizes and they are sized to fit inside most common game boxes on the market. That’s right folks no more board game boxes full of plastic bags.

The Bee Box Profiles:

  • The Standard box is  3.5″x 11″ x 2″
  • The Half box is 3.5″x 5.5″x2″ (divided into 4 sections)
  • The Short box is 3.5″x8.25″x2″
  • The Low profile box is 3.5″x 11″x 1.5/8″


Bee Box 2

Pledge $25 or more

3 Bee Box level

You will receive 3 Boxes of your choice. You will also receive 1 of the Kick Stand accessories , and a small dice roller.

Bee Box 3

Our Boxes are made from a sturdy 1/8″ MDF(medium density fiberboard) material. They come to you fully assembled, no gluing, no cutting and no mess. The tops are clear plastic, allowing you to see all of your game pieces.

The Bee box looks like a great way to save prep time and get to the game faster. Make sure you visit The Bee Box Kickstarter and see if this organization system is worth your hobby dollars!

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