New 40k & Kill Team Lineup & Pricing CONFIRMED

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More new releases are here for Warhammer 40k! Don’t miss the confirmed lineup and pricing for the latest Space Marine and Kill Team models coming soon!

Today we’ve got the latest confirmed prices from multiple retailers in the hobby world.

What do you want to spend your hobby bucks on? Find out ahead of time and get your hands exactly on what you want.

40k Box Set: Wake the Dead $150

War is still ongoing over Viglius, as the Ultramarines look to battle the Eldar once more.

Wake the Dead is a new battlebox that continues the developing story of Vigilus, as the guerrilla war beneath the planet’s surface tilts into global conflict. Inside, you’ll find two armies – a conclave of Craftworlds warriors and an elite strike force of Primaris Space Marines.


Maybe, besides the potential savings, best of all are two dynamic new figures for both the Eldar and Space Marines, as each of these armies is led by a new model:

A Spiritseer (left) and a new Primaris Lieutenant (right) look to be the newest figures for each faction.

Killzone: Wall of Martyrs $80

From offering narrative campaigns a dramatic backdrop for their battles to providing matched play players with new tactical challenges, all while saving you some money on some great terrain, this Killzone has a little something for everyone.

Killzone: Wall of Martyrs looks to be a new aspect of Kill Team. This looks almost like Trench Warfare in the 41st millennium. There’s a lot of open ground on the play area and only a few walls to dig into. Melee Kill Teams will need to move fast here.

Kill Team: Advance Team Starpulse $60

Tau Dice: $12.50

The best way to avoid melee combat is to blast everything off the board. Advance Team Starpulse comes with a preset squad and a piece of Terrain to dig your gunline into.

Kill Team: The Exalted Scythe $60

Necron Dice: $12.50

Necrons are getting their own box as well. Necrons have become notoriously known for their powerful stratagems. Will you pick this Kill Team up and throw Scarabs at your enemy?

Like their predecessors, these boxes are the best way to get involved with a new Faction, offering Tactics cards you won’t find anywhere else, models to build your kill team with, terrain to expand your Killzones and some nifty token sheets – all at a lower price than getting the contents separately.

Aside from the Wake the Dead Box Set, Kill Team looks to be the focus of Games Workshop. What other Kill Teams would you like to see in the future? What will you be picking up on this round of pre-orders? Let us know in the comments of our Facebook Hobby Group.


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