New Panzergrenadier & Spacenaz Miniaures

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Come and see what’s new from Reptilian Overlords as we take a look at the new Panzergrenadier heads and the Spacesnaz Pre-Order.

The creative minds at Reptilian Overlords have been hard at work creating some hot new minis for the masses. Let’s see whats new!

Raumsturmer Panzergrenadier Helmets: $10.00

Raumsturmer Panzergrenadier Helmets

12 heads designed to fit 28mm heroic scale miniatures.

This set includes 2 sprues with 6 helmets each.

Material- Resin

Spacenaz Squad: $50.00

Spacenaz Squad

Spacenaz SquadSpacenaz Squad

This kit include parts to build 10 resin Spacenaz troops

Kit contains:

10 bodies

Icewolves head sprue

7 rifles

plasma rifle

rocket launcher

right and left hand pistols

right and left hand swords

right and left hand chainswords

right and left hand holding grenade

10 shields

10 veteran medals

10 pouches

6 bayonets

Spacenaz bodies: $20.00

Spacenaz Squad

10 resin Spacenaze bodies

Material: grey resin

These new minis would make a great addition to an IG regiment. Make sure you visit Reptilian Overlords and see all the great bits and minis they have to offer!Reptilian Overlords Logo

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