Primaris Transport Finally Makes Old Marines Obsolete

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With rumors of a new Primaris transport in the works, we’ve been thinking… could single-wound Marines actually get replaced?

You might’ve heard by now that Primaris might be getting a new transport. These are still rumors, of course, but if they do come true (it’s looking like they might), could Primaris Marines finally be sent over the hump into the competitive scene? Will they replace the single-wound marines?

Primaris Transport Finally Makes Old Marines Obsolete

Why You Choose Singe-Wound Marines

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8th edition is a meta that favors horde armies. Sure, there are some big nasty units that can do work, but board control is everything these days. Especially in the competitive scene. As of right now, you would take single-wound marines over the Primaris for a few reasons. The main two is that you can get more single-wound marines for fewer points and they can be extremely mobile.

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Regular ol’ Marines can be thrown into Rhinos, Razorbacks, Stormravens, Drop Pods, the list goes on. Primaris Marines have only one transport they can get their fat butts into and it’s the Repulsor.


The Repulsor is basically the Primaris version of a Land Raider. It’s got some nifty gadgets on it, but it’s way too expensive for what most players need/want. The cheapest you can take a Repulsor is something just under 300 points (around 280). It’s cheaper than a Land Raider but WAAAYYY too much for what you actually get.

For about 100 points more, you could get Roboute Guilliman and his Mortal Wound dealing sword or even a Knight Gallant that has the potential to do over 24 wounds a turn.

The Transport is still cheaper than the two, but the value isn’t there.

If Primaris Get a Rhino Equivalent

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Primaris are in a weird spot right now. You either sink 300 points into a transport that makes them mobile, or you have your Primaris get shot off the board/never see combat. If Primaris got some Rhino equivalent model that they could use, they would be able to do some real damage.

One of the best things about Primaris Intercessors are the bolt rifles. They are a standard -1 AP and have longer range. You would be surprised how big of a difference -1 AP makes. You would be able to take objectives midfield and be able to pelt light targets in your enemy’s deployment zone.

The main focus of the Primaris Rhino is that it would have to be cheap. GW will have to restrain themselves from putting 33.5 guns on it like they did with the Repulsor. We just want a barebone can on tracks please. The great thing is that the likelihood of  Primaris getting a new transport isn’t that crazy of an idea.

rumor engine 9-4-18

This is a Rumor Engine from a while back. At first glance, it may not look like much, but, a lot of people are thinking this is the hull to a Primaris transport. What do you think about it?

At the end of the day, we are going to have to see what 2019 brings with the new book that’s supposed to bring Space Marines up to speed on things. Hopefully, there will be a small release line of Primaris stuff that makes them a more viable option. The models look great but players are having to bend over backward to field them effectively.

What would you like to see Primaris get? Do you prefer the old Marines? Let us know in the comments of our Facebook Hobby Group. 

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