Top 5 40k Marine Characters That Need Updated Models

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Mephiston Cover Img

Games Workshop has been pumping out new releases nonstop since the start of 8th edition, but some older models have been left in the dust.

If you’ve been into Warhammer for longer than thirty minutes, you’ll notice that the main trend of releases this year have been Primaris, Knights, and random Box Sets.

It would be nice if GW could slow down and bring some older models up to speed, as they would probably sell just as well as all of their other releases.

Top 5 40k Marine Characters That Need Updated Models

With that, let’s take a look at the top 5 special characters that could use an update with new models.

1. Mephiston



mephiston Top 5 40k Marine Characters That Need Updated Models

If you haven’t heard about Mephiston, he’s the lord of Death. He is THE librarian for the Blood Angels and it turns out he’s great in 8th edition. This model looks decent, but maybe it’s time for an update.

Let’s be real here. There’s nothing about this model that says “Chief Librarian of the Blood Angels” right?

alt mephiston

Check out a great alternative model that would be perfect for Mephiston if you want to spice up the look of your army.

2. Ragnar


What in Fenrisian Stiff-Arm Syndrome is going on here? It looks like Ragnar and Mephiston both suffer from “I don’t know what to do with my hands” disease. The worst part of it all is that he’s not even standing completely on his base.

Luckily, that’s an easy fix. But we figured we’d see an update on this character around the time of the Space Wolves codex and instead got nothing but disappointment.

3. Lucius The Eternal


Lucius The Eternal is the ever-living duelist champion for Slaanesh. If he’s fighting a character in close combat, he can unload a silly amount of attacks with a power sword. He’s “unkillable” and absolutely insane. His armor carries the faces of souls that he’s claimed while fighting.

His model, however, doesn’t look anything like the description we just gave you. It looks like he’s trying to give his buddy a “wet-willie” with his Daemon whip.

Lucius Faultless Blade

This is the Lucius that Eldar are afraid of. He’s a maniac that loves pain and strives to perfection in combat.

Now a model that shows Lucius in a more lower center-of-gravity stance with the whip doing something crazy would be more like it!

4. Abaddon

abaddon miniature

Abaddon is the Lord of the Black Legion, but his model shows a normal-sized Terminator with an oversized fist. (Yes it’s supposed to be oversized because it was Horus’s). But the model could use a touch-up.

If you look at what they did with Typhus, he was a2000’s-sized Terminator initially. The update he got when the Death Guard came out codex was great. He became much bigger and had a fantastically dynamic model.

abaddon alt

As the champion of all the Chaos gods, you think he’d at least deserve the same treatment.

5.  Chaplain Cassius

chaplain cassius

Chaplain Cassius is the named spiritual leader for the Ultramarines. With the Ultramarines being GW’s poster child, it looks like they left some characters behind for them as well. Cassius has a bit more “action” in his pose, but the Tyranid model under his foot looks a little dated and still isn’t up to par with new models that are dropping lately.


Cassius’s model definitely isn’t the worst model out there, but he could perhaps still use a touch-up.

What models would you like to see updated? Do you want GW to go back and bring them up to speed? Would you rather have them continue pumping out new releases? Let us know in the comments of our Facebook Hobby Group. 


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