Top 5 Terrain Kits That Could Shakeup Gameplay

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fortress walls

Wouldn’t you like to see more terrain come out that adds a new dynamic to the game? Check out our top 5 list of terrain kits we think should be splashed in.

The first huge advancement to terrain is what we saw from the modular kits that were released with Kill Team. Those buildings are completely customizable and can be just about as big or small as you’d like to make them.

It got us thinking about what the next step beyond those kits could be.

kill team box terrain

40k: Top 5 Terrain Kits We Would be Thankful For

We’ll take what we can get in terms of terrain. This modular terrain expansion is the best we’ve seen for a while, but it got us thinking about what GW could make that is bigger and better.

1. Fortress Walls

fortress walls

We’ve got ruin-terrain coming our of our ears as gamers. There are about five ruins kits for every other terrain kit out there. It would be nice to see something like a fortified wall. We aren’t talking about a fortification either. Of course, if players don’t have to pay points for the wall, it can’t be too useful just to keep things balanced.

But considering that we haven’t seen anyone use a fortification since the start of 8th edition, maybe its time GW reinvents the way they work and just make a new kit as terrain we don’t have to pay points for.

2. A Gate System

40k gate

It would be very neat to see a gate system in 40k. Now right off the bat, a gate that a player can control seems extremely powerful. So instead of having to pay points for the gate, maybe we could see something the way Kill Team interacts with the terrain. Players could pay Command Points to open the gate or stand within 3″ to control it and have it open.

A well-placed gate would definitely make for an interesting game. It would force vehicles to behave differently and the fighting would be more focused.

3. Pain Trains

40k: Top 5 Terrain Kits We'd Like to See After Kill Team

Having a network of railroads running through the table with a train, able to be captured and controlled by the players would add a constantly-changing aspect to the game. Instead of a gun line holding still and an assault army getting blown apart charging it, both players would be motivated to capture the train which could move freely around the map.

It could be its own minigame when you think about it. At the start of each turn, you roll a D6 and have the train behave randomly while players try and get its cargo or armaments. We probably wouldn’t see anything like this in competitive play, but it’s a cool idea.

4. Landing Pads

landing pad

We’ve seen landing pads before, but maybe something with some rules that could actually heal flyers if they landed. Or made them shoot better the next turn. It would be very similar to the Knight Titan repair station. This could be a terrain piece placed somewhere outside of both players’ deployments and force both players to seize it in order to use it.

knight repair terrain

5. Bridge Networks

bridge network

For the most part, 40k is played on ground-level. It would be refreshing to have a bridge network leading to different two-story buildings that infantry could capitalize on. It would be harder for things like Baneblades to shred your guys on-foot and force both players to take some infantry units to deal with any attempts on flanking from the bridges above.

Imagine fighting a two-front war that forced players to react instead of playing the static gun line strategy.

These kits are completely hypothetical. It definitely wouldn’t hurt the game if there were some interactive terrain kits out there. They would just throw in another variable to shake up gameplay.

What do you think about these ideas coming into 40k? What other kits on your mind would you like to see? Do you think the interactive terrain pieces should cost points to use? Let us know in the comments of our Facebook Hobby Group.

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