What To Buy Next? Beasts of Chaos AoS Second Edition

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Beasts of Chaos What To Buy Next? AoS Second Edition

Don’t miss the newest army for Age of Sigmar as we take a look at the Beasts of Chaos Battletome and all the new accessories!

The forces of Chaos have a new ally in the fight against the agents of Sigmar.

Come and take a look at all the new Beasts of Chaos releases including a new Battletome, Start Collecting, Spells, Dice, and more from Games Workshop.


First up we get a look at the Beasts of Chaos Start Collecting Box. Now don’t be mistaken, these are not new sculpts from GW. This is, in fact, a rebox of some of their older miniatures dating back from around 2009 and 2011 respectively.

That being said they are still great quality minis and if you decide that this is the Army for you this is probably the best way to get your Beasts of Chaos forces off the ground.


Here we get a look at the new Beasts of Chaos Herdstone. This miniature has loads of detail and comes with a very nice scenic base. The production quality of the Chinese manufactured sprues has definitely on the rise. The Herdstone though, not free in price, is free in points so this might be a must-have for your Beasts of Chaos army.


Here we get to see the new Endless Spells Sprues for this faction. These also have an amazing amount of detail and look to be a blast to paint up with all the great fire and flame effects.


The new Beast of Chaos Dice are brown and gold and at first glance, a little hard to read in our humble opinion.

Though these dice might take a little getting used to they are a decent product to show your support for the Beasts of Chaos.


In our video below Rob gives a brief overview of the 29 new Warscroll cards for this new release including some kits that were never released in plastic.

Could we see some a revamp of some of these kits? Only time will tell.


Last but not least Rob breaks the seal on this new Battletome giving us a look at how these new Beastmen work on the battlefield. Along with some tactics and a brief overview of the book.

These new releases well definitely add a welcome facet to Age of Sigmar. Make sure you check out our full unboxing Unboxing & Review video below!

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